What’s New – 11 January 2018

Our first development of the year brings you:

A new Radar Chart

This new chart offers an at-a-glance view of which topics have the strongest propensity to change in the future and to determine outliers.

Navigation: First search on your interest topic and then click the Visualize tab in the center panel dashboard. Then choose the visualizations most appropriate for your research. There is a Help tab too there to guide your using of the graphics. Do contact us here. if you would like our further human help from us.

A new Partners’ page

We now offer universities, colleges, schools, small, not-for-profit communities, and global innovation networks focused on promoting and teaching strategic foresight 50 free licenses to a private site liveried in their colors and logo.

Do contact us to join our growing list of partners.

Navigation: From the home page click the Partners tab in the top bar.

A partial list of our clients

We’ve introduced a new scrolling and partial selection of our current clients at the bottom of the front page.

We do hope you will consider joining them.

New search fields in Refine

We have introduced a new Category field to allow you to further search on related ‘meetings’, ‘organizations’, ‘research’, ‘people’ and ‘funding’ to your interest topic.

Navigation: First search on your interest topic and then click the Filter tab in the center panel dashboard. Then click the Refine button. 

A better intro from Athena. Our robot, now suggests ‘how to get the best out of the service when you enter her main database page.

We recommend you click through to see how others use our service.

What’s Next?

We are busy working on the following for our 16th birthday celebrations on 12th March

  • A revamped newsletter
  • A Knowledge Graph
  • A Heat Map Further improvements to the Radar Chart
  • A simplified front-page
  • A re-organized center panel dashboard to improve look and feel and speed of working

Happy futuring
from everyone at Shaping Tomorrow