What's New - 2 November 2017

From several suggestions of our clients we have improved the following:

  • Refine:
    We have added a new Athena flash message to help you better use Refine. Clicking the message link will now define each fields’ use.
  • Intensity:
    It is now possible to search Refine by the overall Intensity of a forecast.
  • Source:
    It is also possible to search Refine by our listed Sources aiding your ability to see the individual communication strategies of the source organizations.
  • Search word:
    This has been added to the search page title results to aid usability.
  • Emergent drivers’ page:
    We used the new Intensity capability above to auto-prioritize the key global, emergent drivers of change. These now appear as a new category within Challenges. We recommend you consider the impact of these drivers on your future whenever making change decisions.
  • Cloud:
    We have changed the underlying logic of this visual to use our standard topic list rather than random analysis of item titles that created many misnomers.