What's New - 29 June 2017

Big news on foreign language translation: Athena, our robot can now read foreign language RSS and Twitter feeds thus opening-up the possibility of clients tracking local sources that do not have English translations. Researchers can now concentrate on the analysis rather than finding and deploying high-cost translators. Contact us to discuss further.

Challenges: We have added the United Nations latest long-term Sustainability Development Goals as a new set of forecasts and another tracking existential global risks.

Meetings: We’ve added a new capability to automatically show future meetings, events and conferences. You can use this to find what is on offer in upcoming face-to-face and online sessions.

Summary and Narrative: By popular request our new Narrative reports now directly link to the insight URLs (evidence).

Chronology: We now offer a new narrative type report organized by future years. You can switch views to show prior or future views or both.

Athena speaks: Athena’s development as an online coach, personal assistant and digital educator continues with her new ability to speak to you, offer her advice and encouragement. Try her out or switch her off as you wish using the controls in the dialog box.

Tags: Newly added tags can now be seen immediately from the left-hand nav. You can use this to spot first mentions of newly coined weak signals.

Snapshots: we have added a word cloud to the bottom of Snapshots to further improve this service.

Happy futuring

The Shaping Tomorrow team