What's New? – 04 May 2017

New narrative analysis: Instantly obtain the story of your interest topic written in Twitter-style, bullet-point form by keyword (see image below).

You can quickly export your story using ctrl-A > ctrl-C > ctrl-V to select all, copy and paste to create longer form text reports and PowerPoint presentations for distribution to your associates here and/or produce Trend Alerts in 30 minutes or so.

Central page controls: We have reorganized the central page controls and the subsequent drop-downs on a priority use basis from the Story (previously called Outline) to Respond to Visualize to Filter to make your experience more logical. The new Narrative analysis, Summary, Questions and Excel Export are now grouped under the renamed Story.

New geographic map: We have added a geography and intensity based heat-map to Visualize showing where change is most likely to come by country (see above image)

Quotes: There is now a growing list of quotes about strategic foresight from a link on the front page that can be used to stimulate your thinking or to stimulate others in your presentations.

The Good News: This basically completes our site design, navigation and content controls for the foreseeable future.

We now intend to:

  • make only cosmetic improvements to the site in the next year.
  • concentrate our efforts on helping Athena to help you through more self-learning, increasing her sources while reducing manual efforts to near-zero and further increasing her speed and breadth of response to your searches and questions

Do let us have your ideas for improvement. We are always willing to help you.