What’s New? – 23 December 2016

Earliest date order

You can now reverse the Sort order from Latest to Earliest to quickly discover when a topic was first mentioned on the service. This is not the time a topic was mentioned on the Internet but an indicator of when it first appeared on our radar.

Auto analysis of use cases

A new check-box on the forecasts’ Refine page lets you quickly determine potential new use cases arising from emerging change.

Ask Athena

Athena can now answer your questions through the new dialogue box in the left-hand navigation bar. This is a first step to using AI to give you instant feedback. Initially, she’ll respond by email.

Simpler forecast navigation

We have recognised that the front-page challenges are duplicated in the left-hand navigation bar and removed these.

Simpler decisions navigation

My Plans and My Actions are now shown in All Projects and appear in the Act Now to Completed pipeline where set.

Faster editing time

You won’t notice this but we do. In March 2016 it was taking us 80 hours a week to check and edit Athena, our robot’s work. We’ve worked hard to teach her new tricks and our editing time is now down to 14 hours per week. She is now doing the equivalent work of 300+ full-time people almost completely unaided! But, these people never existed; Athena is doing a task that was too expensive and time consuming for anyone to perform manually.

Future developments

Expect some big developments in 2017 including a more powerful and better visualised, dynamic dashboard using our big data to identify change not visible to human only research. We will be further developing Athena as a by-your-side teaching companion and guide. Also, we are working to reduce our editing time by giving Athena far greater self-learning capabilities and to make Shaping Tomorrow a fully automated service. Exciting times!