What's New? 9 December 2015

Facility to upload PDFs for extraction
You can now upload and extract from manual pdf’s from your collections.

Subject-specific email alerts
We will shortly commence sending weekly email alerts on topic(s) you've said you're interested in. These are latest, partial forecasts created by our robot (Athena) with embedded artificial intelligence. We feel this will be an improvement compared to the weekly generic Insights newsletter.

We hope you find this innovation useful.

You can still receive the generic Insights newsletter and/or these topic specific alerts as you wish.

Improving look of our standard emails
Expect to see a better branded look and feel in future emails we send you.

Linking methods with each other
Our robot now offers suggestions as to which methods could best answer your questions as you work to save you thinking time.

Apps and API's
You can now Add sources and view Indicators on iTunes as well as Google play and our API is now available to developers from the front page.