What’s New? – 15 October 2015

Instant Future Forecasts
The latest version of our service now includes the ability for you to see the future of global challenges and sectors, view emerging opportunities and risks, obtain year-by-year analysis and watch the G20 countries latest moves instantly from our front page.

Client generated Instant Future Forecasts
Clients can also now set up their own topics and our system will automatically present latest forecasts without any human intervention. 

Thanks to Geoff McBride, STFC UK for this suggestion

Horizon scanning and Strategic Thinking
The buttons to do Horizon Scanning and Strategic Thinking have moved to the right-hand side of the front page to make room for the Instant Future Forecasts above. They function as before.

Promotion of Indicators/Demotion of Insights
These moves now complete our transformation from an Insights led organisation to one that offers unique and comprehensive future forecasts as automatically found, extracted and analyzed Indicators.

Insights are now being treated as the evidence supporting Indicators. You can still add and see Insights manually.  However, most members and clients are now adding sources for our robot, Athena, to do the hard work each day and working first with Indicators before needing to occasionally delve deeper into Insights.

If we have inconvenienced you in any way during this complex transition we sincerely apologize. But, we hope the new service will considerably speed up, broaden and deepen your research efforts. Do let us know how we can improve further. We are always wanting to improve.

Shaping Tomorrow App
We have launched our first Android app (iPhone/iOS version coming soon). You can see what it does and install it via Google Play. Again, we welcome your comments using the free-form message box below.