What's New? - 8 May 2015

New Plan and Act capabilities

We are delighted to announce the world’s first comprehensive and fully collaborative, web-based strategic thinking toolkit. Now you can use our toolkit with or without our content to QUESTION the future, INVESTIGATE what’s changing around you, ASSESS the impact on you, IMAGINE alternative futures, PRIORITIZE your actions and FORECAST the future.

Similarly, we have provided a new toolkit here that helps you to STRATEGIZE your actions to shape your tomorrow, INNOVATE through developing new ways to tackle issues, CHANGE what you need to do to achieve success, RATE which actions come first and MONITOR your progress.


The add form has been simplified considerably and allows faster adding of Sources (organizations, people and keywords).  You can save considerable time and effort by setting up automatic searches as our robot will then automatically do the finding, extracting and interpretation for you of newly added Insights each day.

Insights and Indicators

In this version Indicators have been promoted in prominence as they represent a higher level of knowledge than Insights which have been demoted as evidence of the Indicators.

Both can still be viewed but Indicators now takes precedence.

The left-hand navigation bar has had some re-namings to make this happen and to make SCAN, INDICATORS, PLAN, DECIDE, ACT stand as discrete functionalities but linked to each other where necessary.

Indicators’ search

The system now performs an automated, intuitive literature review from the Question method without human intervention thus saving huge amounts of time. It adds an Indicators search to the PLAN strip when a search term is entered in the Question method.


Indicators’ export

In this version we are beginning to extend the power of the machine to automatically analyze Indicators. New columns of analysis have and will be added in coming versions.


Our site-wide free content policy has had to change to reflect the growing power of the system in providing members with instant foresight. From now on, only the first ten pieces of content will be offered for free, site-wide. Non-clients will now be asked to pay a small fee to view additional content, instant summaries and to export content.

Live Chat

We now have a Live-Chat facility that you can use to instant-message with us when we are available.

Global challenges

We’ve also added a new feature to the front page that allows you to explore global issues in real-time.