What’s New? – 12 March 2015

Automated strategic foresight

This release launches the world’s first, fully automated, digital horizon scanning system.

The AI software can read a major report like Global Risks 2015 (20,000 words, 60 pages) in just ten seconds. It has already extracted 35,000 emerging Indicators of change from thousands of reports and articles and is adding new ones to our system at the rate of 1,000 per week.

Now private clients can use the new automated scanning service to:

  • Set-up automated, nightly web searches for futures material from their key influencers or by search word.
  • Have the system continuously find, extract, interpret and add metadata and forward indicators of emerging change to their private database without human intervention from web-based, foresight-oriented articles and professional reports.
  • Instantly see a short, bulleted summary of the key drivers, trends, uncertainties and potential surprises.
  • Get a fully exportable, evidence list including the source, URL and published date.
  • View a word cloud of associated keywords to extend their research.
  • See a timeline of the direction of travel of the topic.
  • ‘Refine’ by country, sector, time horizon, statistics and/or professional reports only and even separate likely from uncertain futures.
  • And, then create professional, in-depth reports in just a few hours at will, or to use as great content in workshops.

Contact us below for a free demonstration of this amazing service.

Auto searches
The ‘Influencer’and keyword ‘Searches’ above are now directly available from the left-hand navigation under INSIGHT.

Robot personality
The robot running our services was named Auto Extracted at the beginning of its life but as it becomes more visible on our site we have decided to increasingly give it a human personality and make our services more like a conversation. The robot’s new name is Athena @ ST. Learn more about Athena here.

Standard deviation on rating tools
All rating tools now have a Standard Deviation capability. Thanks to David Howie for this suggestion.

Athena now gives advice to members who get very large numbers or very few hits from their searches.

User-friendly error messages in the Extractor
The previous techie speak has been replaced by plain English messages from Athena.