If you are looking to quickly research the future then we offer the world's leading knowledge management system incorporating automated extraction of  meta data, emerging implications and 'Insights' on expected future world conditions, drawn from articles and PDF's.

The system turns these into instant forecasts, research reports, tag clouds, tree and mind-maps at will.

The digital, interactive tools we employ use a logical structure to lead the researcher from the setting up of a robust strategic question through to recommending a decision(s) based on sound evidence and reasoning and evaluation of the success, or otherwise, of the exercise as follows:

Set up > Investigate > Assess > Imagine > Prioritize > Predict > Decide > Evaluate

  • Set up: plan your response to answering a key question
  • Investigate: interview stakeholders, conduct automated literature review, write up the findings
  • Assess: determine the value and significance of the findings
  • Imagine: develop new ways to tackle the issue
  • Prioritize: determine importance and rank the issues
  • Predict: project alternative futures and possible options
  • Decide: determine which option is the chosen route forward
  • Evaluate: conduct a post project review of the participants views on the project’s success

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