What's New? 12 March 2014

Collaboration: we have enhanced your ability to complete your profile and to share your details with other members. Please visit ‘Edit Profile’ in the top tabs to ensure your details are current and your profile is 100% complete. You can now set the Groups and Subjects of most interest to you here and then find others with similar interests.

New Effect link: we have improved the ‘S Curve’ visualisations by adding an Effect link below them. Clicking on it will give you an extended, visual, spider chart as follows.

Insights: all members can now get access to the Advanced tab within Add Insight that was previously only available to our trusted contributors. This gives everyone more ability to analyse their Insights.

Tags: we have also improved the tag cloud with a new slider bar to help you quickly resolve the cloud to the level you require and provided a ‘New’ button for you quickly see the never before mentioned tag terms in any period.

Invites: members can now ‘Export All’ the text responses they receive from inviting others to contribute to the qualitative Think tools and parse these through to  receive an instant short or full summary of the responses.

They can also generate a word cloud from the responses to spot the most used terms in the responses.