01 November 2013

We have made some small changes to fix some minor issues we found after the recent launch of the new service and  to further improve the system's speed.  Almost all will be invisible to you all and the system will work exactly as it did, or better than before.

We have also changed:

Collaborate: We have sorted out some visible, minor naming issues on the site ('Collaborate' has become consistently re-named 'Network' which was causing unnecessary confusion among members.

Add Insights:  We have further improved intuitiveness by moving Add Items - Insight, Issues and Influencers, under Scan, Watch, and Plan in the left hand navigation bar.

So to Add Insights, click on Scan and you will see Add items button there now.

Next development: We are now in a position to begin developing again. Our next release will make it possible for members and clients to invite non-members to take part in surveys without the need for annual membership.