Press Release - 27 September 2013

News Release for Immediate Release

Shaping Your Organization's Future Just Got Easier Offers Strategic Foresight Where You Want, When You Want, in Your Language

London, England, UK.  – September 27, 2013. has just launched a revolutionary, participatory tool that allows users to collaboratively engage in strategic thinking on any tablet or any computer, in almost any language.

        After 10 years of helping clients scan, monitor, assess and act on trends that have long-term cross-industry implications, Shaping Tomorrow has rebranded the company and revamped their web portal, adding a revolutionary way to capture and analyze news pieces from the Internet.

Shaping Tomorrow’s new instant Extractor tool automatically analyzes the future from news pieces while developing and collecting implications as it scans through a story.  The Extractor frees researchers from the tedious task of finding mundane, but necessary, information such as published dates and subject tags, and instantly gathers embedded implications without human intervention. “The Extractor allows our members time for more critical thinking on the issues and implications, derived from an article, and alert them to ideas and challenges they may otherwise have missed.  It has many applications in journalism, research, security and intelligence driven industries”, said Dr Michael Jackson, founder of Shaping Tomorrow.

          The new website also allows users to access the public portal for free when they want, where they want, from any device they want to use and to share with others in their native language through the auto-translate capability.

          Shaping Tomorrow has now introduced Pay-As-You-Go pricing for members wishing to keep their work private. They have also made all 100+ scenario planning, modeling and forecasting tools fully collaborative. Pay-As-You-Go makes trend watching and analysis even more accessible and immediately usable to anyone who wants it, at a price they can afford.  "When you really get into it, explore their site, and see all of the valuable information and tools in their database, you'll see that Shaping Tomorrow's website is truly a gift to humanity," said Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP, President/CEO, The Herman Group, USA. 

 houses 3,500 emerging trends, weak signals, uncertainties and potential surprises gleaned from member contributions from 80,000 business insights on topics as diverse as Brain Extensions, Opening Space, and Extreme Architecture over the last ten years.  The company boasts a unique service, combining breadth and depth of content coupled with an active community of over 2,000 international strategists, futurists and change agents.  For more information, visit the Shaping Tomorrow website:

Shaping Tomorrow is a one-stop, global research shop helping busy people and organizations mitigate risk and uncertainty, and to exploit opportunities and innovations for future growth and profits more effectively than rivals. Member organizations come from diverse backgrounds such as: strategy, R&D, product management, foresight, change management, consulting, I.T., education, risk management, policymaking and intelligence and from equally diverse industries from agriculture to business support and logistics, to government, food & drink, to name a few. The company helps 20,000 members and 7,000 organizations make better decisions today through mastery of horizon scanning, real-time strategic thinking, collaborative research, systematic innovation, risk and change management, competitive intelligence, scenario planning and continuous action. 

Contact:   Dr Michael Jackson +44 (1) 902 851985