Advisers to organizations will find our content, toolkit and support invaluable for finding and delivering highly successful client projects.

From asking clients ready-made challenging questions, gaining individual or group feedback and facilitating the ability for them to make better decisions today, consultants have a competitive edge over lesser prepared rivals.

Our service is the first to make a comprehensive suite of foresight, strategy, and change management methods available in a collaborative and systematically organized system that can be offered face-to-face or remotely in real-time.

Consultants can use our service:

  • using our Pay-As-You-Go service to keep their client research behind closed doors
  • to offer a full suite of their foresight, strategy and change management services on client liveried, multi-license private sites provided by us

We also help professional consultants by offering them work given to us by our international clients.

They, in turn, help us by bringing work outside of their field of expertise, resource and geographic capacity which we pass on those we trust and who have the requisite skills.

"Shaping Tomorrow is a great service. Use it regularly. It's invaluable for me."
Ian Ivey, NextCorporation, (Trinidad and Tobago)

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