Investment managers

Investors and portfolio managers can use our horizon scanning system to spot new opportunities and risks.

Studies show that the best investments are made when organizations invest at the beginning of the emerging trend phase and sell when the market reaches its peak. But, many organizations buy and sell too late to really maximize their investment. We help our clients know where these tipping-points are through our unique and AI driven, horizon scanning, forecasting, trends analysis and appraisal methods.

Investors and investment managers are therefore better informed about the future of industries and sectors rather than just accepting the forecasts of their prospects and analysts based on projecting past performance. Some of the methods we offer include:

  • Appraisal – assess an investments future opportunity
  • Company – forecast the likely future trajectory of a company
  • Industry view – analyze existing and potential competition
  • Investment - synthesize previous and future investment decisions
  • Shock index - conduct forward risk analysis on countries, markets and products

They also use these methods to better monitor and track the markets to determine when to buy, when to press management for better performance and when to sell.

"You provide us with a variety of foresight tools and analysis that enhances our ability to synthesize future considerations and to inform decision making today. We benefit from your thinking tools, foresight services and global expertise."
Leah Soroka - Health Canada (Canada)

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