Change agents

Anticipating the future is one thing but without action it’s a fruitless exercise. We offer a growing number of methods for change agents to use to take the prior work of planners, innovators, risk managers, marketers and consultants to develop robust implementation strategies. Methods include:

  • Actionability - rate organizational commitment to proposals
  • Actors - assess how actors may influence outcomes
  • Breakout – think the impossible
  • Capability – assess how your strengths play to this opportunity or risk?
  • Ethics – decide if the chosen approach is ethical?
  • Feasibility - uncover the strengths and weaknesses of a threat or opportunity
  • Implementation - determine which issues need attention to achieve success
  • Industry view - rate a sectors robustness in dealing with issues
  • Responses - capture all the potential actions you could take
  • Preparedness – assess how well prepared the organization is for change?
  • Strategy – consider which strategies make most sense?

"The power and influence you have created with our big Middle Eastern client is unbelievable! They keep telling me all the time that "What Shaping Tomorrow is doing is extraordinary and unbelievable!" We look forward to joint assignments with our clients."
Sepehr Tarvedian - Hamayesh Farazan Co. (United Arab Emirates)

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