Innovators use our horizon scanning system to exploit opportunities before others do.

We also offer a complete suite of practical and proven, collaborative innovation methods
including ideation, consumer research, product concept development, launch and marketing concept and business case development. Among the methods on offer are:

  • CLA – deconstruct conventional metaphors
  • Counterpoint – develop reverse strategies to the trend
  • Exaggerate - magnify or minify issues
  • Leapfrog – defer decisions to anticipate further improvements
  • Opportunity - examine anomalies and incongruities
  • Red hat – anticipate opponents actions
  • Redefinition – use your imagination in different mental modes
  • Reverse – work the problem the other way around
  • Tear-down – brainstorm potential failure scenarios
  • Verge – envision how tomorrow might look different from today?

Innovators, executives and facilitators can use these formalized methods in workshops or remotely to quickly generate ideas and possible actions. They can use our horizon scanning  and innovation pipeline systems to spot fresh opportunities for development and apply these methods to gain competitive advantage or mitigate future threats.

"The tools you employ are very user friendly! I also find them very compelling and thought provoking!"
Susan Grace Rivera, Managing Consultant & Executive Coach - TLC Consulting (Philippines)

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