"Shaping Tomorrow provided the tools and expertise to quickly assimilate market information, identify key drivers and create multiple scenarios. We were able to identify many options to help steer the company and test our strategic plans."
Russell Trueman, Strategic Planning Manager - British Gypsum (United Kingdom)

"With NATO - Allied Command Transformation in the initial steps of developing a persistent foresight capability,Shaping Tomorrow was able to provide us with clear vision of many of the tools and concepts necessary to develop a comprehensive view of plausible futures and the policies required to drive toward the most desirable vision. [They] evoked much valuable discussion that moved our group toward a consensus on this future capability
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative"
Mark Tocher, Analyst, Long Term Requirements - NATO - Allied Command Transformation (United States)

"Thank you for preparing such a good and thorough overview on the impacts of climate change. We feel that you have covered an excellent range of topics/subheadings in a very readable and easy to follow document. The graphics and data provided, along with a very extensive list of sources speaks for itself of the level of work that was put into developing this brief“
Ruth Hawkins - Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Canada)

"The power and influence you have created with our big Middle Eastern client is unbelievable! They keep telling me all the time that "What Shaping Tomorrow is doing is extraordinary and unbelievable!" We look forward to joint assignments with our clients."
Sepehr Tarvedian - Hamayesh Farazan Co. (United Arab Emirates)
"I have been in the business of using commercial Open source foresight to aid in the discovery of new and emerging science and technology that might impact the areas of defence and security for the past 10 years. The services provided by Shaping Tomorrow, and personally by Mike Jackson, have greatly influenced and shaped that process over the period. I have recommended this service to others within the Canadian government without reservation. The thoroughness of Shaping Tomorrow staff in providing tailored solutions to my needs and willingness to provide guidance were greatly appreciated. I continue to be a strong supporter and user of the site (and training, by means of the Practical Foresight Guide). I am looking forward to many years of collaboration with Shaping Tomorrow. By far and away, S.T. is the epitome of a commercial foresight operation. Thank you for all of your hard work in the past and for all of our future collaboration into, as yet, uncharted terrain."
Brian Staples, Intelligence Advisor S&T - Defence Research and Development (Canada)

"We researched the global market and chose the two best two foresight agencies. Shaping Tomorrow is one of them. They provide excellent consumer and general scouting, analysis, evidence, briefings and presentational material at very cost effective prices and with great quality service."
Helena Lindfors, Director, Strategic Foresighting - Nokia (Finland)

"We were looking for an ‘off the shelf solution’ for our scanning and foresight work. Shaping Tomorrow has functionalities (and a profile) that are not matched by any other provider"
Peter Black, Manager, Emergency Animal Disease Preparedness - DAFF (Australia)

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