Our workshops are designed to answer a burning question of your choice extraordinarily quickly and robustly. We will work with you and your people to derive a well-formed strategic response in a 1 to 2-day workshop depending on the complexity of your issue.

Because we use our automated, collaborative system to reduce drudgery to a minimum and increase thinking to a maximum the normal time to conduct such an exercise can be reduced from weeks and months to just a few, intense days bringing you the benefits of fast answers, lower costs and competitive advantage versus slower rivals.

What we offer
Our Knowledge transfer programs cover:

Strategic Foresight: covers how to identify emerging change, develop alternative scenarios and prioritize best options for fast decision-making on a topic selected by participants.

Competitive intelligence: covers how to assess and predict the likely strategies of a rival or best practice organizations and determine possible attack, investment, and defense strategies using ready-made and best practice thinking tools.

Innovation: covers how to systematically and collaboratively imagine new futures using ready made and best practice thinking tools.

Risk management: covers how to systematically and collaboratively determine and respond to emerging threats and risks using ready made and best practice thinking tools.

Change management: covers how to develop fresh vision, values, processes and measurements and communicate these to all stakeholders in an inspiring, engaging and enabling framework.

Personal futures: covers how to develop a personal life plan using ready made and best practice thinking tools.

All Shaping Tomorrow knowledge transfer programmes use our unique AI and strategic thinking system to help participants discover emerging change and to respond in time. Each programme will introduce participants to the concepts of digital strategic foresight and give them the means to make better decisions today in hours, rather than the months taken by more traditional manual methods.

What you'll learn

Participants will learn the best practices of leading forward-thinking organizations and be able to raise their ongoing skills for answering future in-house challenges without our intervention.

After the workshop participants will be able to:

  • better apply the theory and practice of strategic foresight again and again
  • establish future-focused projects and know how to develop the key question
  • search for answers and conduct fast and accurate literature reviews
  • create an evidence base and organizational memory for continuous updating
  • discover likely future drivers, trends, uncertainties, and surprises
  • tease out implications and meaning
  • prioritize drivers, trends, uncertainties, and surprises
  • determine probable scenarios and derive practical alternative futures
  • write an energized future briefing document
  • rate and assess the findings related to the organizations' goals
  • innovate to seize opportunities and reduce emerging risks to achieve stronger future agility and resilience
  • recommend action plans and next steps
  • prepare a presentation for your approval
  • know where to get more help and how to use our comprehensive system to best advantage
  • rate the success of the workshop and determine how much organizational learning has been achieved.

Participants can take the workshop at their own offices or other locations anywhere in the world or virtually.

Workshop leader

Mike Jackson Dr. Michael Jackson
Skype: shapingtomorrow

Mike is a Founder Member of Shaping Tomorrow. He also advises businesses on dramatically improving their competitiveness through pioneering work on practical Sustainable Business Strategies. Clients include a number of blue-chip, international and national companies and small to medium-sized UK businesses. He is known on conference platforms speaking on business subjects including futures, sustainability, customer loyalty and retention, business process re-engineering, change management, building strategic visions and values and people motivation and communications, ethics, alliances and corporate governance: he has many published articles on these subjects. With over 30 years' experience in Business Management in the UK, North America, and Europe, he has significant exposure to corporate banking.

Case study 

Public Health Dorset

What They Say

"The intensive training workshop with Shaping Tomorrow took us through a series of well-facilitated sessions on various aspects of foresight work surrounding the Future of Oceans. We gained valuable knowledge and understanding of a wide range of futures analytical tools and techniques, that will help us think critically and strategically about the future. We learned how to scan for trends and drivers of change, and how best to incorporate our findings into strategic analysis and discovered several new transformational ideas to help us do our work better."
Ljubica Vuckovic, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Canada

"The Shaping Tomorrow workshop was incredibly valuable in demonstrating the potential use of the integrated foresight, strategy and change tools - I am impressed with how widely the tools can be applied to our daily work and how the systematic approach ensures that we cover-off areas we perhaps wouldn't think of including in our analysis. I really like its systematic approach and the fact that it can be used in diverse areas such as policy formulation, forecasting, provision of advice to senior levels of government etc."
Raana Asgar - DAFF (Australia)

"Shaping Tomorrow provided the tools and expertise to quickly assimilate market information, identify key drivers and create multiple scenarios. We were able to identify many options to help steer the company and test our strategic plans."
Russell Trueman, Strategic Planning Manager - British Gypsum (United Kingdom)

"Shaping Tomorrow has a framework and a disciplined process. We learnt that it has: A range of knowledge, Different perspectives, Value of conversation, Cultural analytics, Crowd sourcing, Save time, Challenging, Accelerate the process, Large variety of methods, Single source, Scalability, Can be used in day-to-day activities, Realized not doing strategy today, How to use the templates, Importance of foresight, Gap identification, Become a "C" level executive by using the tool, Repeatable, Teach people at all levels, Awareness of the future, Help organization get smarter faster, Validated what we already do, We have some competencies, Will give us confidence, Helps us not reinvent the wheel"
Shaping Tomorrow Blue Chip Transport Client (United States)

$500 per person per day (+VAT if meeting held in Europe). Minimum ten participants for workshops. Discounts for more than ten people.

Notes: travel expenses and local conference facilities not included.

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