We offer free services to Academic Institutions and Not-for-Profits as well as partnering with other software houses and partnerships with like-minded related organizations.

Academic institutions 
We offer academic institution and schools customized, open sites at no charge to extend services to their students, faculty and members and to place our service in their libraries. 

A number of academic institutions and schools are also using us in classroom tutoring exercises with their students. We are delighted to talk to you about issuing your students with a temporary multi-user license for these exercises. We offer Summer, Christmas and Easter workshops for students and faculty interested in studying particular topics using strategic foresight methods.

We also offer open and free specialist topic sites to affinity partners, think tanks, associations, charities and other not-for-profits e.g. Built environment, Arthritis Victoria, Design, China...  We provide reciprocal services to our members in related disciplines to Shaping Tomorrow with these relationships being generally free, pro bono and/or for quid pro quo commission based products and services. Partners can upgrade to private sites at any time.

Academic institutions and partners can directly link our service to their existing websites or ask us to custom build a new site with our service as the engine.

We also provide partners with unique and private topic related Insights and Issues for their newsletters. These are not available through our open Latest Insights and Issues service.

Software houses
We are developing relationships with other software houses offering their services as part of our suite of tools e.g.

  • Southbeach Modeller provides our integrated, visual modeling software for creativity, design, analysis and problem solving.
  • WebSummarizer who provide out text analytics
  • ForeKnowledge provides our in-built, auto extract software
  • ...

    If you are interested in adding your software to our service and maybe vice versa do contact us or check out our API here.

Like-minded organizations

Contact us
Please contact us using the free-form message box below for a discussion on how we can help fulfill your needs. It would be helpful tell us your job title and the approximate number of people you envisage using your site.