What's New - 28 January 2023

Shaping Tomorrow & Chat GPT

Creating more value for you - an experimental ChatGPT integration

We are very excited to share with you that we have been hard at work to build even more value for you into the Shaping Tomorrow Platform.

As you may know one of the valuable outcomes from your future-scans at Shaping Tomorrow is the always inspirational set of questions that relates to each future-scan. Seeking out particularly interesting questions about the future and their possible answers is seen as a powerful source of inspiration by our customers.

As a Shaping Tomorrow customer, you will - from today - benefit even more from the insights that your future-scans are providing to you. We have now empowered you to benefit directly from the preeminence of ChatGPT’s abilities to bring extremely well-informed answers to difficult questions.

Directly from your list of questions, resulting from each of your future-scans, you can now – by a single click – seek the answer from ChatGPT from any of the questions in your list.

Here you see an example from the list of question resulting from a future-scan about energy security:

Shaping Tomorrow & Chat GPT

All you need to do to make ChatGPT provide you with a 3-points-answer is to click the ChatGPT logo right by the end of the reference source for the question. If you are already a registered customer, you can try this right away.

Registered Shaping Tomorrow users can get answers to the first 4 questions. Use is unlimited for customers. Just click here to let us know your thoughts about our integration of ChatGPT or any other powerful aspects of the Shaping Tomorrow platform.

At Shaping Tomorrow we are looking forward to a 2023 full of continued innovation of our futures platform. Innovation that we keep bringing even more value to each of our customers.

If you have any questions or comments - related to our ChatGPT integration or something else - we are always here for you and pleased to be of service. 

Warm regards

Your Shaping Tomorrow Team