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Athena @ Shaping Tomorrow

12 July 2024
This set of automatically curated slides provides an instant overview about possible futures to help inform present day strategy, and for you to act on opportunities and risks and mitigate threats in a timely manner. Learn more.

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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
With the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, experts are concerned threat actors will weaponize evolving technology for devastating attacks on businesses across the world. TechTarget
In a world of hybrid work, digital transformation, Generative AI, and Machine Learning, the business landscape is undergoing rapid and monumental disruptions.
Machine learning reflects the uncertainty inherent in the world because it learns from real-world data, so business leaders hoping to employ machine learning and AI will need to get comfortable with the fact that AI predictions are not deterministic. Forrester
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • Businesses that harness machine learning now will be at a significant advantage in the coming years. Coding Temple
  • Strong developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning over the past year have provided cause for optimism, offering businesses the potential to drive stronger business performance through their investment while keeping compliant in a privacy-first digital ecosystem. Raconteur
  • We should gear up to anticipate many kinds of customer-facing and B2B fintech solutions throughout the rest of 2023 and into 2024 as businesses take advantage of the many new capabilities of AI systems and machine learning programs. Forbes
  • Compared with 5G, 6G will face computing problems such as larger-scale business optimization, network optimization, signal processing and machine learning, bringing about great pressure to the classical computation and algorithms. Deloitte
  • If UK businesses are not able to speed up their adoption of AI-like technologies, such as machine learning and automation, companies will find it difficult to achieve their ambitious goals for sustainability. ZDNet
  • Anglian Water pledges in its 2025-2030 draft business plan to eliminate serious pollution and reduce total number of pollution incidents by 40%, with a strategy that includes bringing in machine learning.
  • Leveraging machine learning for business in 2024 will continue to be essential for staying competitive and making informed decisions. Atlas Systems
  • The demand for AI and machine learning talent will continue to surge in 2024, as businesses increasingly integrate AI not just into their products, but into their operational frameworks. ITPro Today: IT News, How-Tos, Trends, Case Studies, Career Tips, More
  • By correlating trillions of signals and utilising the power of AI and machine learning through automatic attack disruption, Microsoft Defender XDR is able to proactively detect a number of in-progress attacks including ransomware and business email compromise. Threatscape
  • With a focus on cognitive security solutions, IBM helps businesses stay ahead of emerging threats by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Analytics Insight
  • 20% of business leaders believe artificial intelligence and machine learning will have the greatest influence on their cyber risk strategies over the next two years, followed by cloud technology and advances in user identity and access management. Cybercrime Magazine

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

artificial intelligence, data science
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artificial intelligence, machine learning
Past Year: More Negative
Compare changing sentiment to a benchmark of all forecasts
Data Computing & Processing: Worldwide revenues for Big data and Business Analytics are estimated to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 12.3% p.a. up to 2027 fueled by new technology in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Cantor Fitzgerald
Abstract: According to the main international reports, more pervasive industrial and business-process automation, thanks to machine learning and advanced analytic tools, will unlock more than 14 trillion USD worldwide annually by 2030.
  • SAP plans to use AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia chips, purpose built for AI and machine learning workloads, for training and deploying future SAP Business AI offerings. Press Center
  • AI and machine learning will drive $4 trillion in business value. UX Design Institute
  • EMC's platform will use its machine learning, business intelligence and storage offerings to capture real-time information on mine decarbonization from sites globally.
Financial Impact
JPMorgan Chase will deliver more than $1.5 billion in business value from artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts in 2023 as it leverages its 500 petabytes of data across 300 use cases in production. Constellation Research Inc.
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System Map
Creates plausible alternative futures of what can happen and encourages development of a robust, agile response
With the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, experts are concerned threat actors will weaponize evolving technology for devastating attacks on businesses across the world. TechTarget
In 2023, 60% of global 2000 businesses will deploy AI and machine learning tools to support the entire employee life cycle experience.
Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics have given businesses a world of possibilities and opportunities! Digital Nomads
Changing proportion of published forecasts
Jaguar Land Rover, which wants to become an electric-first business from 2025, yesterday announced a jobs portal for displaced technology workers to fill 800 roles spanning self-driving, electrification, machine learning and data science. The Times
Know how others are tackling issues with this topic
Businesses in the world of fintech are looking for new opportunities in automation, data analytics, and machine learning with AI. 101 Blockchains
The digital revolution and the rise of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain, among others, have opened up a myriad of opportunities for businesses worldwide. Wesley Baker
A business might benefit from Google Cloud's machine learning capabilities but also need the extensive global network of AWS' datacenter locations. Acceleration Economy
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
In the coming years, South African businesses will have the opportunity to use intelligent applications that use AI-powered capabilities, like machine learning and generative functions, to do what they need without needing a large pool of talented workers. Stuff South Africa
More than half of organizations plan to use more artificial intelligence/machine learning as part of their Know your business and Know your vendor due diligence processes in the coming years. Accounting Today
How can AI and machine learning tools help influence business outcomes or improve operational efficiency? MIT Technology Review
How can small businesses best serve their customers through emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence? VM Blog
Can we apply large language models on tabular data in the traditional machine learning lifecycle to improve model performance and add business value? Towards Data Science
How are business analytics and machine learning intertwined? InData Labs
How do businesses and cities benefit from Hayden AI's machine learning insights? There's An AI For That
Why are cloud-based data, analytics and machine learning the future of business, and how will they transform Mexico? Mexico Business
What are the challenges of AI and Machine Learning for Businesses? TechRadar pro
What are the benefits of using IoT and machine learning in business? FinExtra
With new developments such as powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning coming within reach of every business, what does the future hold for this technology?
Will research businesses be replaced by machine learning tech giants? GreenBook
How will the application of AI and machine learning models advance big-picture, strategic business goals? IBM Blog
How will this rapid advancement in machine learning benefit industries and business? LINE//SHAPE//SPACE
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