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20 June 2024
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
New financial arrangements within the BRICS group will make dollar-free transactions among the members safer; new Eurasia-wide logistics can provide for better connectivity within the world's largest and most diverse continent. Black Hole Zoo
Just as the internet revolutionized communication and commerce by connecting people and businesses globally, blockchain interoperability has the potential to transform the way we transact, collaborate, and innovate in the digital age. Vezgo
With diligent governance, AR could transform life and work worldwide, enhancing human creativity, understanding, and connection. AZoAi
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • Lithuanian businesses can use Singapore's strong trade and transport connectivity to tap on other economic opportunities within South-east Asia and the larger Asia-Pacific region. The Straits Times
  • An innovative new project will connect the ports of Dubai in the UAE and Haifa in Israel by truck and train, enhancing and protecting trade routes in the Middle East. NoCamels
  • With a budget of €392 billion, Cohesion Policy funding programmes for 2021-2027 will continue to invest in Europe's competitiveness, the green and digital transitions, human capital and social inclusion, and physical and digital connectivity, while strengthening the involvement of citizens. European Commission Representation in Cyprus
  • Consumers prefer to interact with brands via human channels, and that their biggest concerns around using AI are focused around it creating a lack of human connection, misusing data, and the belief it will take people's jobs. CXpose
  • Exports from Cyprus will be non-existent for the reasons discussed above, electricity trading will be limited, especially if the Great Sea Interconnector is not connected all the way to Israel. George Chrysochos: The greatest myths and dangers of th
  • Serious political instability and security threats in DRC, South Sudan and Somalia, trade disputes in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, infrastructure gaps connecting member states, institutional weaknesses, and cultural diversity cast looming shadows over the EAC's aspirations. The Chanzo Inititative
  • With enhanced connectivity and trade opportunities, Cambodia is poised to capitalize on the benefits of increased air travel, further stimulating economic growth, and boosting its tourism and trade sectors. Cambodia Investment Review
  • The EU has successfully found a viable alternative to Russian trade routes, effectively shielding the Sino-European connectivity from potential disruptions. Modern Diplomacy
  • The completion of the first phase of the high-speed rail project, connecting Bangkok to strategic locations within Thailand and the Malaysian border by 2026, will enhance connectivity and facilitate trade both domestically and regionally. KPMG
  • The Ninth Global Review of Aid for Trade will address pressing issues such as food security, digital connectivity, and transitioning to a greener economy. allAfrica.com
  • PKK's presence in Iraq threatens the planned construction of a major trade route, the Iraq Development Road, that would connect the port in Basra, southern Iraq, to Turkey and Europe through a network of rail lines and highways. The Washington Post
  • Just like all countries had to build roads in the past century to connect and trade, they must now build AI infrastructure or risk being left behind. The National

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

artificial intelligence, computer, 5G, Mars, augmented reality, cell phone
connected, 5G, artificial intelligence, connection, connect, 6G
connect, connection, connected, BRI, bank, community
connect, cost, ambition, connected, connection, downturn
Past Year: More Positive
Compare changing sentiment to a benchmark of all forecasts
Such as Grand View Research, the number of connected wearable devices worldwide by 2025 is expected to be more than 1.5 billion, being the recognition of human activities one of their most predominant uses. SpringerLink
About GDIP The Global Digital Inclusion Partnership is a coalition of public, private, and civil society organizations working to bring internet connectivity to the global majority and ensure everyone is meaningfully connected by 2030. Global Digital Inclusion Partnership
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed India signing a contract to operate the strategic Iranian port of Chabahar as an important milestone and said New Delhi will work to provide connectivity to landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia region to promote trade and commerce. The Indian Express
  • With €5 million of funding from Horizon Europe, it will develop a connected system of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems to support first responders and facilitate informed decision-making by governments and civil society organizations. World Meteorological Organization
  • The law, the product of an unsuccessful Connecticut attempt to attract data center development that could lure the processing of Wall Street trades away from New York and New Jersey, cleared the way for behind the meter connections to electricity generators. Hartford Courant
  • China has a fairly wide choice of transport options for connection with Europe, and China will decide how trade volumes will be distributed along individual routes based on its own interests. PubMed Central (PMC)
  • Egypt, with its unique geography, has high potential to be an economic and industrial hub, linking Europe, the Middle East and Africa - a unique trade triangle connected to the world via the Suez Canal. NST Online
  • Designed as an alternative to China's BRI, IMEEC will enhance the global supply chains connecting Europe and Southeast Asia, thereby boosting India's international trade. Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
  • The Foundation for Social Connection's vision is for all Americans to have the opportunities and evidence-based support necessary to be socially engaged in society. Hinge
  • Genuine connections, hyper-personalization, and prioritizing donor relationships over transactions will continue to play key roles for fundraising in 2024. CaSE
  • In 2024 and beyond, UX designers will need to embrace the complexities of human psychology and work harder to connect with their users on an emotional level. UX Design Institute
  • BCI systems equipped with brain-to-brain coupling technology could potentially enhance recovery rates by leveraging natural human connectivity. Medical Xpress
  • BCI systems equipped with brain-to-brain coupling technology could potentially enhance recovery rates by leveraging the natural human connectivity. Mirage News
  • At last year's Trade Winds in Bangkok, Thailand, a California-based cybersecurity company called Resecurity cultivated connections that ultimately led to five separate agreements with companies in the Philippines that will generate an estimated revenue of $2 million. International Trade Administration | Trade.gov
Financial Impact
The digital economy could surge five-fold to reach $340 billion by 2030, connecting 500 million digitally transacting consumers. Indian Retailer
As the world becomes increasingly more digital and, by extension, connected, an emphasis will continue to be placed on universal human values including Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, and Security. IEEE SA
The Bank of England is gearing up to conduct stress tests on insurers to evaluate their vulnerability due to their connections with reinsurers, particularly through a surge in corporate pension transactions. Insurance Business
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System Map
Creates plausible alternative futures of what can happen and encourages development of a robust, agile response
New financial arrangements within the BRICS group will make dollar-free transactions among the members safer; new Eurasia-wide logistics can provide for better connectivity within the world's largest and most diverse continent. Black Hole Zoo
Gorilla envisions a world where seamless connectivity transcends boundaries, enriching lives, industries, and societies. Gorilla Technology Group Inc.
In a world where nature at sea is constantly threatened by human activities, the overexploitation of natural resources, and climate change, a holistic approach, that accounts for entire ecosystems and their connections, is essential. Nature Canada
Changing proportion of published forecasts
Blinken warned on Monday against technologies with clear connections to military capabilities and human rights abuses, disruptions to undersea cables, and mass surveillance that uses DNA, facial, or voice recognition technology - all of which China is known to engage in. The Register
Globally, partnerships will unlock the human capital of forcibly displaced people, bringing skills, connections, and finance to local economies and host communities. GOV.UK
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The shift in motivation could be due to the global pandemic - just as social distancing created a visceral, physical experience, humanity yearned for connection. NonProfit PRO
The advances in smart technologies, better informed and connected citizens, and global connected economies have created opportunities, forcing governments to rethink their role in today's society. SpringerLink
Advances in metaverse technologies, Web3, semiconductors, software, AI and Machine Learning will significantly extend the scope of what is possible, connecting and merging the human, physical and digital worlds to help solve some of the greatest global challenges we face. Gadgets 360
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
Ultimately, the companies that use a social media customer care program to connect and converse in ways that make their brand more human and personalize their customer experience will win in 2023 and beyond. Social Media Examiner
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
Direct human connections will continue to grow over the next decade-plus, with more local community-building and not as many global or regional or national divisions. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech
Half of all worldwide data traffic over the next five years will be generated not by people, but by connected computerized devices requiring no human intervention. Brookings
How can society create space for people to explore their connection to the Earth? Soil Centric
How can we reimagine what society looks like in a more globally connected digital world? Category6 Consulting
How can Connecticut companies connect and best leverage Japanese direct investment and trade opportunities? CBIA
How are we preparing today's and the next generation of graduates to understand that the future of an informed and connected society depends on trusted, local journalism? Everett Herald
From a technical perspective, how could we replicate the vast complexity of the human brain, with its approximately 86 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections, in digital form? Mirage News
How the loss of connection the timeless triggers a kind of frantic implosion in the human psyche ... which begins with fundamentalism, of all kinds ... proceeds through ignorance ... and ends in violence and brutality ... as the witch-burnings begin? Eudaimonia and Co
Has the explosion in connectivity and social media services been effective in conveying the message of the Iranian people, who want the world to know about their desire for freedom and human rights? American Thinker
What are some potential negative impacts of AI companions on human connections and society? DevX
What policies and programs are most needed, locally and globally, to reduce the population of people lacking essential documentation, and to connect people with services that protect their basic human rights and guard against modern slavery? Freedom Fund
What if there is a way to transform society and create a more caring, equitable, and connected world? The Center for Partnership Systems
In an age where AI-driven hyper-personalization is the norm, will technological systems emulate the essence of human connection? The Financial Brand
Will human connection still remain healthy and in vogue alongside AI? Hindustan Times
Will we lose sight of human connections and traditional touchpoints? Hospitality Net
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