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30 November 2022
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
Exposure to outdoor fine particulate matter has been found to be the most important environmental risk factor for mortality in Southeast Asia, a region that has some of the worst air quality in the world. Zoom Video Communications
Earlier in 2022, The Lancet estimated the overall death toll of modern air pollution sources to be nine million, making air pollution the world's largest environmental risk factor for disease and premature death. Health Policy Watch
The burden of disease attributable to air pollution is now estimated to be on a par with other major global health risks such as unhealthy diet and tobacco smoking, and air pollution is now recognized as the single biggest environmental threat to human health. Common Dreams
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  • The Supreme Court will hear a petition on agricultural stubble burning in the northern states, considered the prime reason for the extremely bad air quality in Delhi-NCR. Optimize IAS
  • USAID will spend approximately $1.6 million to counter the adverse effects of desertification in the Aral Sea region by improving air quality and living conditions and by strengthening climate change resilience. U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan
  • Regulating services include clean and regulated water flow, air quality, pest and pathogen containment, erosion control, nutrient regulation, resistance and resilience to natural hazards, waste regulation, carbon sequestration and storage, and climate regulation from local to global scales. Frontiers
  • Some citizens have raised concerns about the poor air quality that the construction of the massive warehouse in Portland could trigger. International Business Times
  • Even as air pollution has been known to kill more Indians than any other risk factor, voters ranked air quality as their 17th most urgent concern in a countrywide survey before the 2019 election, well behind jobs, health care and infrastructure. The New York Times
  • Already short on capacity, the threat of the remaining maternity wards, blood banks, and intensive care beds not having access to the electricity needed to run incubators, refrigeration units and ventilators to Ukraine's health systems is generating fears of a deadly winter. Health Policy Watch
  • Australia could use a combination of education, regulation and incentives to improve indoor air quality and encourage the use of outdoor spaces where practicable; for example, outdoor learning and meeting spaces, including for concerts and other forms of mass entertainment. InSight+
  • Hundreds of thousands more drivers face a daily fee of £12.50 for using London's roads after mayor Sadiq Khan announced he will expand a pollution charge zone to boost air quality. The Independent
  • Office air quality could have significant effects on employees' cognitive function, including response times and ability to focus. The New York Times
  • Wildfires are not the only thing threatening air quality in Oregon.
  • Indoor air pollutants pose four to five times the risk compared to exposure to outdoor pollution because of its relative invisibility and lack of awareness of biofuel users. Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Korean Air, for example, said it will soon resume weekly flights to cities in China, Japan and Israel after a long COVID break. FreightWaves

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Exposure to outdoor fine particulate matter has been found to be the most important environmental risk factor for mortality in Southeast Asia, a region that has some of the worst air quality in the world. Zoom Video Communications
Exposure to fine particulate matter in air pollution is reportedly the largest environmental risk factor contributing to cardiovascular deaths and disease globally, and is linked to around six to nine million premature deaths each year. ScienceDaily
  • California's clean trucks regulations are driving significant industry investment in medium - and heavy-duty ZEVs, and will deliver crucial climate, air quality, and public health benefits. CALSTART
  • The FuelCell Energy platform will help the Port of Long Beach lower its overall emissions, improving the overall air quality in a region struggling with poor air quality. FuelCellsWorks
  • Truncated air freight capacity, port congestion, roadblocks, and logistic disruptions in Southeast Asia escalated as governments implemented strict measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. Yahoo Finance
  • Many towns and cities are planning zero-emission zones to tackle poor air quality, and electric vehicles will play an increasingly important role in delivering goods into areas where diesel lorries are prohibited. Retail Systems
  • We see that there's an unstoppable wave of LEZs that is currently spreading across Europe, which is a good thing for air quality, and it's probably going to last. City Monitor
  • Destination Zero, Cummins' strategy to go further, faster to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the air quality impacts of its products and reach net-zero emissions by 2050, will play a key role. / Germany Global Citizen
  • Supply chain disruptions for products like ventilators, pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, and PPE were already beginning to occur before COVID-19 cases were identified in the U.S. US Food and Drug Administration website
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data found pregnant women are at an increased risk of adverse outcomes with COVID-19, including severe infection, ICU admission, mechanical ventilation and use of ECMO hemodynamic support, compared with non-pregnant women of reproductive age. American College of Cardiology
  • The hot weather can bring deteriorating air quality approaching the high-risk category and warns residents to take caution when outdoors. Global News
  • The devices forecast to grow the fastest over the next five years include water leak sensors / shutoff valves, connected major home appliances, plugs / switches, air quality monitors and smart door locks, all projected to have a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) greater than 30% from 2021 to 2026. Tech Digest
  • Designers will be allowed to assess ventilation strategies against individual Volatile Organic Compounds informed by Public Health England's Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for selected VOCs in the UK15, as an alternative route to using a total volatile organic compound limit. LABC Warranty
  • Modern medical equipment, including two digital x-ray machines and ventilators, has been procured and are expected to arrive early in 2022. Ivanhoe Mines
Financial Impact
Establishing a standard to reach 80% carbon-free power by 2030 would improve air quality enough to avert an estimated 317,500 premature deaths and generate health benefits totaling $1.13 trillion between now and 2050. EE News
Power perks - Establishing a standard to reach 80% carbon-free power by 2030 in the US would improve air quality enough to avert an estimated 317,500 premature deaths and generate health benefits totalling $1.13 trillion between now and 2050. carbon-pulse
As a result of the improved air quality, up to 130,000 premature deaths are avoided in the coming decades, which could save $390 billion to $400 billion - enough to exceed the cost to decarbonize the electric grid. Solar Industry
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Air pollution is the largest environmental risk to health in the UK and globally, with 7 million premature deaths attributed to exposure to poor air quality by the World Health Organisation each year. Bloomberg Philanthropies
Approximately nine in 10 people around the world breathe unclean air, which increases the risk of asthma, heart disease and lung cancer. United Nations Environment Programme
While tobacco smoke is the best-known risk factor for COPD, up to half of COPD cases worldwide are due to non-tobacco-related risk factors including occupational exposures, infectious diseases, early life events and air pollution, notably, fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. McGill University Health Centre
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Different studies across the world demonstrate how air pollution, including household air pollution e.g. stove cooking, might negatively affect pregnant women, cause adverse birth outcomes, and become a factor provoking breast cancer, blood and heart diseases. UN Women
COVID-19 infections and climate hazards such as heatwaves, wildfires and poor air quality combine to threaten human health worldwide, putting vulnerable populations at particular risk. Imperial News
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While pollution's effect on the environment is well-known, fewer people might be aware that outdoor and indoor air pollution exposure causes an estimated 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year, and is associated with lung and heart disease, among other serious health issues. The Washington Post
While pollution's impact on the environment is well-known, fewer people might be aware that outdoor and indoor air pollution exposure causes an estimated 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year, and is associated with lung and heart disease, among other serious health issues. Yahoo News
The Philippines will endeavor to scale up near-term climate change actions through the mitigation of short-lived climate pollutants, including methane, to achieve multiple benefits for health, biodiversity, air quality and climate. Climate & Clean Air Coalition
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Poor air quality is one of the largest environmental risk factors for premature mortality, heightened by extreme air-quality events that are becoming annual events in parts of the world. MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Environmental hazards that may affect workers safety and health include air pollution; heat risks and heat stress; rising sea levels; desertification and the loss of productive land; extreme weather events; and vector-borne / zoonotic diseases (which may result in future global health emergencies). International Labor Office
Spain's state weather agency, AEMET, warned of extremely unfavourable air quality levels. The Times
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Government directives the world over are striving for nearly zero-energy buildings by the end of next year, and for net zero carbon buildings by 2030, meaning they will have to be 100% sustainable as far as heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling requirements are concerned. Renewable Energy World
Based on mobility, the portable ventilators segment is projected to exhibit the fastest growth in coming years with rising demand for portable ventilators from household & long-term care facilities and increasing demand from emergency medical service providers across the globe. Yahoo Finance
How can air pollution increase my risk of heart and circulatory diseases? British Heart Foundation
How can facilities managers improve indoor air quality while reducing energy? Healthcare Facilities Today
Can we expect better air quality in the future as countries decarbonize their economies? World Bank
How effective are mitigation strategies such as air filtration and sensors to improve cabin air quality? EASA
How will the global Indoor Air Quality Solutions market develop in the long term? Best News Monitoring
How large is the emerging Ventilation and Air Conditioningfor Indoor Agriculture Market in relation to its regional counterparts? Digital Journal
Who will require a ventilator or a breathing machine? UCL Minds
What are the Revenue-generating Product Segments in the Ventilation and Air Conditioning Market for Indoor Agriculture? Technavio
What is the Ventilation and Air Conditioningfor Indoor Agriculture Market size in different countries around the world? Digital Journal
What factors are affecting the strength of competition in the emerging Ventilation and Air Conditioningfor Indoor Agriculture Market? Digital Journal
How can we integrate wildly different facility data for wastewater pumps, HVAC air quality and elevator destination dispatch systems into a unified digital twin when we still struggle to share basic drawing information between the two largest CAD vendors in the AEC space? Informed Infrastructure
Will all the used ICEs that are replaced by EVs end up in poorer neighborhoods adding to their congestion and subtracting from their air quality even as smaller IRA grants (e.g., the Neighborhood Access and Equity Grants) are used to build bike lanes? Shared-Use Mobility Center
Which region will lead the Indoor Air Quality Solutions market globally in terms of growth rate? Best News Monitoring
Will we see a return to pre-COVID levels of jet-setting, with some employees clocking up tens of thousands of air miles each year? Taylor Vinters
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