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1 December 2022
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
The microbial resistance potential of the ISS microbiome was similar to controls on Earth, suggesting the threat of AMR is comparable. ASM.org
As highlighted by the US National Academy of Medicine's Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity, multiple systems within society will need to be activated, transformed and coordinated to address all aspects of life. National University of Singapore
The WPP estimates average global longevity to be around 77.2 years in 2050 due to further reduction in mortality levels. The Hindu
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • Gulf Longevity Initiative - is a leading Think Tank concept, aiming to leverage the regional strengths and potentials of GCC countries in order to turn Gulf Ecosystem into a world-leading Longevity Hub. EIN Presswire
  • Longevity in Brussels will be a great advantage in terms of regional advocacy. Future of Europe blog
  • Viome will expand its proprietary mRNA sequencing technology and AI-powered platform that was awarded FDA Breakthrough Device Designation status, to debut a suite of new wellness and diagnostic tests specifically targeting the oral microbiome which has a strong connection to systemic diseases. HIT Consultant Media
  • Successive policy changes have failed to reverse a decline in birthrates, leading to an ageing population which threatens major economic damage for China's future. The Guardian
  • What is more unbelievable is that the ability to have one's life ended on short notice is an increasingly acceptable option for Canadian patients - with implications that will reverberate around the globe. Christianity Today
  • The combined forces of increased longevity, lower fertility, and weakening risk-sharing networks make financing the future consumption and wellbeing of the elderly population a major concern globally. World Bank
  • In 2023, the National Civic League is seeking to identify communities that are breaking down barriers to meaningful youth participation and enacting programs that will improve quality of life for youth, and all residents, by extension. National Coalition For Dialogue & Deliberation
  • What's essential is not government intervention, but a set of ethics of digital citizenship that highlights the humanistic elements of Chinese traditional values, the openness of modern life, and the creative potential of digital culture. #SixthTone
  • Due to increased longevity, declining fertility, and the aging of baby boom generations, as estimated, the old-age population is expected to grow from 9.3% in 2020 to 16.0% in 2050. Frontiers
  • A UCLA Health study found certain types of bacteria in the gut microbiome could increase the risk of HIV. Daily Bruin
  • Almost any periodic fasting diet that does not result in malnutrition is likely to put your longevity genes to work in ways that will result in a longer, healthier life. Prime With Time
  • Secretary General Antonio Guterres cautioned that inequalities in the world population will continue to be a threat to the overall stability and longevity of the world's population. NPR

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

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Past Year: More Negative
Compare changing sentiment to a benchmark of all forecasts
The microbial resistance potential of the ISS microbiome was similar to controls on Earth, suggesting the threat of AMR is comparable. ASM.org
An AI that could cure every disease on the planet and grant all of us immortality biologically or digitally. Medium
  • Greece will scrap many remaining COVID-19-related protocols next week, making it the latest country to plan to revert to pre-pandemic life. Travel + Leisure
  • Net-zero is already starting to be mandated (see article on recent UK policy) and energy companies will have to view decarbonized power sources as the key to their longevity, not a threat to it. Transport Times
  • The Ag Visa will complement the PALM scheme, which remains vitally important to the citrus industry and has only recently been through an extensive reform process to make it more accessible to Australian citrus growers. Citrus Australia
  • While stamp duty land tax has impressive longevity, economists on both sides of the political spectrum are in agreement it is a distorting tax that could be worsening Britain's housing crisis by stifling activity. The Telegraph
  • Despite fears of outliving savings, most Americans still want to live longer, a study on longevity and retirement shows. CNBC
  • Longevity industry is estimated to be worth $26.5 trillion in 2022 and expected to reach $33 trillion in 2026. Zawya
  • The longevity of NATO can be attributed to its continuous adaptation to changing needs of security and threat perceptions. Observer Research Foundation
  • With the global population rapidly ageing it was crucial to get a better understanding of the potential of NAD + as an anti-ageing molecule via human trials. NutraIngredients-Asia.com
  • In Ukraine itself, the United Nations has described extensive damage and loss of life in rural areas as well as key population centres, sparking fears that crops may not get planted. The Scotsman
  • ASC has announced the establishment of a new science and technology hub at Adelaide's Lot Fourteen, which aims to foster new research and business collaboration opportunities in support of the Collins Class submarine sustainment and the future $6 billion life-of-type extensions. Defence Connect
  • Uncultured genera and phyla could comprise 7.3×10^29 and 2.2×10^29 of microbial cells across earth's microbiomes, respectively. BioMed Central
  • Longevity Technology: With regard to space, space travel and science, there have been many meaningful studies conducted that indicate 3D bioprinting on the International Space Station (ISS) could improve drug screening and cancer research. Longevity.Technology
Financial Impact
An emerging industry in the MENA region, longevity is estimated to be worth $26.5 trillion in 2022 and is expected to reach $33 trillion in 2026 globally. Dubai Chronicle
An emerging industry in the MENA region, longevity is estimated to be worth $26.5 trillion in 2022 and expected to reach $33 trillion in 2026 globally. Zawya
Longevity industry is estimated to be worth $26.5 trillion in 2022 and expected to reach $33 trillion in 2026. Zawya
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System Map
Creates plausible alternative futures of what can happen and encourages development of a robust, agile response
Hurricanes are among the most severe natural hazards on Earth, often inflicting extensive damage and loss of life when they strike coastal communities. Eos
While aging is unequivocally the major risk factor for age-related diseases, regulatory bodies around the world, such as the FDA or EMA, do not yet recognize geroscience-guided clinical outcomes as a path to regulatory approval. Fight Aging!
Globally, pensions and insurers hold an enormous amount of longevity risk from retirement obligations. Artemis.bm - The Catastrophe Bond, Insurance Linked Securities & Investment, Reinsurance Capital, Alternative Risk Transfer and Weather Risk Management site
Changing proportion of published forecasts
Land-grabbing, wars and slavery connect with the extensive spread of commercial monocultures as economic structures displacing and threatening much of the world's human biological and cultural life with extinction. Apple Podcasts
Without critical drug discovery and development efforts, millions of people around the world would continue their lives devoid of any hope for treatments and cures to life-threatening diseases. phys.org
Know how others are tackling issues with this topic
The concept that international travel, or travel of any kind, is a risk factor for microbiome change is fairly well accepted now. CIDRAP
With more of the world's population now vaccinated, it's possible that in the coming year, some of the life-expectancy losses in countries could begin to reverse. Time
The United Nations set a goal of conserving 30% of the planet by 2030, but the needed conservation efforts are just as complex and varied as the globe's flora, fauna, and trillions of microbiomes. McKinsey & Company
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
Even if no formal physiological limit exists, reaching the frontiers of survival is no mean feat, and further gains in longevity might ultimately require remarkable advances in medical science, even if the ranks of the world's centenarians continue to swell. Nature Medicine
Viable longevity education with practical translation will thus ultimately improve health-care systems worldwide and decrease disease occurrence by training health-care providers to tackle the most common and strongest contributor of disease - unhealthy aging. Fight Aging!
We see a big potential for textile manufacturers to extend the longevity of MMCF fabrics, ultimately offering consumers longer lasting garments made of fibers from nature. Textile World
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
The first approved therapy from geroscience will come within five years. NEO.LIFE
Businesses need to recognise the overarching impact of ageing and rising longevity and embrace the opportunities it will bring in the coming years. Euromonitor
What are the genes and their interactions that control lignification and wood formation in stems of flowering plants, and can we disentangle the woodiness phenotype from coupled longevity phenotypes? Academic Positions
What if aliens have mastered life extension and live so long that individuals can be part of multiple expansions into other star systems? Universe Today
How can we alter plant microbiomes to enhance CO 2 sequestration? OUP Academic
How Can Ethics Contribute to a Sustainable Aging Workforce in the Area of Technology? JMIR Human Factors
How large will the longevity biotechnology field be? Longevity Wiki
How can the plant microbiome be used to improve crops? Gii Research
Who are the most prominent players in the global Anti-aging Drugs market? Trends
What if Google's two subsidiaries working on a cure for aging fail? Seeking Alpha
What does the soil microbiome have to do with tree growth and carbon capture? Crowther Lab
What does Ukraine's increasingly successful counteroffensive mean for Russia and Putin's longevity as president? Atlantic Council
One factor making Boston a potential hotbed when it comes to the explosion of the longevity economy? YOUAREUNLTD
What will become of the March for Life if Roe is reversed? National Review
Will anti-aging technology lead to overpopulation? Longevity Wiki
The very real ethical decisions that will be faced by AI-controlled cars: In an accident situation, whose life should be preserved - that of the passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian? Digital Trends
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