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  • "Congratulations on the new version of Shaping Tomorrow. It is really a great evolution. Please set me up as a contributor and give me free access to your services."
  • "Congratulations with your new website. It looks great. Of course, I want to subscribe. I mustn’t miss it!"
  • "Congratulations on the lovely new Insight Newsletter format!"
    Wallys Conhaim, Conhaim Associates, Inc., USA
  • "Thanks for taking the lead on the community of interest called "the Future". We need a flag and a portal to rally around in virtual space. I appreciate the robustness of your vision and services. There is nothing more important to this world at this moment of exploding social connectedness than a clear vision and intention for the future. You are helping us sort that out!"
  • "Thanks a lot for featuring our European Futures Conference so prominently, that's marvellous."
    Cornelia Daheim, Future Impacts Consulting, Germany
  • "...Since you advertised my site ( last week I have been inundated with visitors..."
    Jim Carroll, Canada
  • "I've just checked all the Web sites that I had previously identified for you and found virtually all had gone. Makes me appreciate just how much work you and colleagues are putting into the site to keep it up to date."
  • "Excellent site/service. I spend the first hour working day trawling news and opportunities and have a set programme of links and a routine for examining updates. This service provides me not only with a wealth of new links, but also a simple discipline for confirming what I should already be doing (today)with future planning (tomorrow)and creative thinking (future views). It is possibly this last section that appeals to me most. The global views and wild cards trigger all sorts of associations and ideas for new business opportunities. I can see that the pricing enables not only senior management and SMEs to subscribe (the cost is a no-brainer), but also individuals within organisations and independent consultants, such as myself, who can use the resources to develop their own applications and business scenarios. I also like the collaborative aspect and recognise the potential for future development. Certainly from your own point of view it is a splendid calling card to explore future developments with subscribers and generate further income whilst keeping costs low. Well done."
    Owen Knight, Applegate Business Consultants Limited, UK
  • "What a great resource! I am overwhelmed. If this had existed 15 years ago, it would not have taken me eleven years to write FOUNDATIONS OF FUTURES STUDIES. On Shaping Tomorrow, the insights and developments of the futures field are brought together and made accessible. Not only scholars, but also decision makers from business and governmental to military and educational will find these tools essential for their work. How did we get by without it?"
    Wendell Bell, Yale University, USA
  • "At a time when global challenges are exploding, I can think of no more worthy purpose than to connect all of us to the wealth of knowledge now languishing for lack of useful connectivity. The Shaping Tomorrow Web site could prove to be a potent catalyst for helping the world's people to collectively envision where we are going."
    William Halal, George Washington University, USA