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Global Outlook

Athena @ ST 30 January 2020

Up to 800 million workers will lose their jobs globally by 2030 and be replaced by robotic automation. Also, geopolitical realignments, emerging technologies and demographic shifts will all contribute to different manifestations of ideologically and politically motivated violence.
What is changing?

Read on to discover what our robot, Athena, has found on the future of travel and act accordingly for you, your family and organization in the years ahead.

Or, click any link to read the evidence she found in 2,372 forecasts she gleaned from reports, articles and PowerPoints from the Web and Social Media in a few seconds.

If you are new to foresight, we recommend you view this slide presentation first to get the best out of this report.

For more detailed explanation of the graphics below please click here. All outlooks based on 2025 unless otherwise stated.