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The Influence of the United States on Shaping Tomorrow

Athena @ ST 23 October 2023

In our future viewing mini-series covering China, the US and Europe, we now turn our focus to the United States, and its contributions to the next 10 years in terms of leading technological innovation, global economic leadership, and addressing global challenges.
What is changing?

Join us as we examine the US's most probable and unique contributions to shaping tomorrow.

1) Leading Technological Innovation:

Most of our forecasts indicate that the United States is likely to continue its role as a global leader in technological innovation over the next decade.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies: The US is today at the forefront of AI research, development and application, with tech leaders like Nvidia, Google, Microsoft and OpenAI driving innovation. American universities and research institutions will continue to attract top talent from around the world. Based on the ecosystem that this already has created and will continue to strengthen over the coming years, the US is expected to maintain its leadership in AI and further expand into emerging technologies such as quantum computing, biotechnology, and space exploration.

  2. Space Exploration: The US remains a dominant player in space exploration. Initiatives such as NASA's Artemis Program aim to return humans to the moon and eventually send astronauts to Mars. Private companies such as SpaceX are also significantly investing in and advancing space exploration capabilities, leading to space becoming more accessible for scientific research, commercial activities and an increasing number of space tourists.

  3. Cybersecurity and Digital Resilience: With the increasing societal importance of digital infrastructure, the US will continue to prioritize investments and research in cybersecurity. Public and private sectors will deepen their collaboration and strengthen cybersecurity measures to protect the fast-growing inventory of critical infrastructure such as utility companies, aviation, hospitals, EV charging stations, financial systems for consumers and businesses alike.

2) Global Economic Leadership: The United States will continue to exert global economic leadership and in key areas maintain its dominance in various ways over the next decade.

  1. Trade and Economic Policies: The US is expected to keep shaping global trade policies and agreements. Bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations will play a pivotal role in economic relations with key international partners. The US will continue to address trade imbalances and market access issues, influencing international trade flows. Of particular importance to the US will be the global network of supply chains.
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Austin, TX, Silicon Valley, Seattle and other significant innovation hubs across the US will remain engines of global economic growth by continuing to attract investments and global talent and as such drive the R&D of new technologies especially in the areas of deep tech. The US Government, alongside private sector investments, will keep supporting entrepreneurship and innovation, fostering startups and global technological advancements and economic growth.
  3. Financial Markets: The Dollar will continue to be the dominant global reserve currency facilitating international trade and finance for many years to come - it simply would be almost impossible to develop a competing global reserve currency because of the weight of the Dollar across global financial markets. American financial markets, including Wall Street, will remain playing a central and dominating role in global investments and capital flows.

3) Addressing Global Challenges: The United States will continue to play a crucial role in addressing pressing global challenges in the coming decade.

  1. Climate Change: The US has recommitted to global climate efforts, including rejoining the Paris Agreement and today there is nothing serious pointing towards a change of this commitment again. The climate urgency is now different from a that of a few years ago. Ambitious climate policies and significant investments in renewable energy, including new nuclear energy, will contribute to the
  2. Global Health: The US will continue to be a key player in global health initiatives, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic where the US suffered a proportionately higher death rate than comparable developed nations. The nation's reinforced support for vaccine distribution, pandemic preparedness and healthcare research will strengthen global health security.
  3. Security, Democracy and International Relations: The US will navigate complex international relations, continue addressing regional conflicts by promoting diplomacy. An integral part of this will be to defend and strengthen the principles of democracy. It will continue to be a leader in international security efforts and alliances, contributing to peace, democracy and stability worldwide.
  4. In summary, the United States' contributions in the next decade will encompass leading technological innovation, maintaining global economic leadership, and addressing a range of global challenges. These contributions are expected to help shape the future of technology, economics, and international relations, with the US playing a pivotal role on the world stage for at least the coming decade.

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