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WHAT'S NEXT?: Uncertainties over Turkey's eventual political position abound. With EU decisions in doubt, recent crackdown on opposition parties causing concerns, and being embroiled in complex Middle East politics and fighting terrorism on its borders and internally, which way will she swing?

  • [New] The U.S. already slapped sanctions on Turkey for its purchase of the S-400 missile defense system last year, and it has warned that it is ready to add more if more Russian arms are purchased. Ahval
  • [New] TURKEY MAY BUY RUSSIAN WARPLANES: Turkey's temper tantrum against the U.S. continues after defense industry chief ISMAIL DEMIR said Ankara would purchase Russian warplanes if the Biden administration will not sell it F-16. Politico
  • [New] The signing of the joint statement by Turkey will definitely help break the silence of some Muslim countries and take active measures in the future. Radio Free Asia
  • [New] President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has threatened further military operations against Kurdish forces in Syria. War on the Rocks
  • [New] The infringement proceedings could result in punitive measures against Turkey, including its possible suspension from the organization that promotes democracy and human rights. Daily Sabah
  • [New] VHV Reassurance, one of the three reinsurance companies established in the Turkish insurance market, announced that it has started to offer risk acceptances to 10 countries, headquartered in Turkey. Bazaar Times
  • [New] President Erdogan has raised threats of a new military campaign against Kurdish forces in northern Syria after two Turkish special force policemen were killed while in Tell Rifaat. Jadaliyya -
  • [New] The more Europe gets prepared to protect its borders from migration from Turkey, which is 99% via Greece and Greek islands, the more Europe will have leverage on Turkey and Erdogan's threats. Middle East Forum
  • [New] The United States might sell F-16 fighters to Turkey after its decision to exclude Ankara from the program of developing the F-35 fifth-generation fighter, following Ankara's purchase of Russia's S-400 air defense missile systems. TASS
  • [New] As earlier reported, by the end of 2024, nine logistics centers with a total value of 2.3 billion Turkish liras ($270 million) will be created in 13 provinces of Turkey. Trend.Az
  • [New] Most importantly, Turkey's increased contributions to the transatlantic community's efforts opens a window of opportunity for a newly defined alliance relationship between Turkey and the United States that can still operate under extreme duress, no matter what the diverging opinions are. Defense One
  • [New] Transitioning transatlantic security priorities to an era of great power competition inevitably will necessitate exploring venues of gradual rapprochement between Turkey and the United States. Defense One
  • [New] Merkel promised that EU support for Turkey, which hosts 4 million refugees, would continue and said the incoming administration in Berlin will value ties with Turkey. Las Vegas Sun
  • [New] Over the years, Erdogan has complained that funding has not reached Turkey, and at times has threatened to lift obstacles to migration to the EU altogether. Al Jazeera
  • [New] If the lesson of Afghanistan is that it takes a long time to build democracy, Turkey will show that it takes a really long time to kill a democracy. Middle East Forum
  • [New] The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Commission, and European states should publicly press Turkey to refrain from summarily expelling Afghan refugees to Iran, where they are at risk of chain deportation to Afghanistan and other serious harms. Human Rights Watch
  • [New] Fears of an arms race between Greece and Turkey intensified on Friday after a Reuters report saying that Turkey has asked to buy 40 F-16 fighter jets from the US to upgrade its Air Force.
  • Authorities in countries from which we procure gas have declared that they will increase the gas delivered to Turkey. Reuters
  • Recent Russian-driven or tolerated Kurdish People's Protection Units escalations will test Turkey's calculus in Syria and pressure Ankara into likely concessions to Russia across a wide range of issues in Syria and beyond. Institute for the Study of War
  • Azerbaijan is planning to increase gas exports to Europe and Turkey by up to 16 bcm in 2022. Daily Sabah
  • Turkey was removed from the F-35 program after it purchased Russian missile defense systems, which the United States says threatens its stealth jets. Reuters
  • Erdogan said Turkey, which is a close ally of Qatar and which already hosts more than 3.6 million Syrians, cannot burden an influx of migrants from Afghanistan, warning that European nations would also be affected by a new wave of migrants. Al Arabiya English
  • Erdogan has decoupled Turkey's relationship with Russia from a larger NATO perspective, showing that Ankara will not sacrifice vital interests with Moscow as a gesture of solidarity to other NATO allies and partners. The National Interest

Last updated: 25 October 2021