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South Korea

WHAT'S NEXT?: South Korea may go nuclear if Trump cancels the missile deployment and leaves the country alone facing the North's threats. With the President facing an impeachment vote and mass demonstrations on the streets political and economic turmoil may follow. Chinese markets has already shaken South Korea, where central bankers downgraded their forecasts for economic growth.

  • [New] South Korea is working with the United States on a lunar orbiter, and hopes to land a probe on the moon by 2030. Reuters
  • [New] Higher imports in China will support US trade both directly and indirectly as major competitors shift product out of other East Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea. The Pig Site
  • [New] Beyond North Korea, South Korea has the opportunity to harness its soft power to promote democratic values, particularly in Asia, where its cultural offerings already resonate. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] Emerging economies such as India, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea are expected to witness high gasoline demand over the forecast period. IndustryARC
  • [New] Last month, North Korea performed its first missile tests in six months, including nuclear-capable weapons they claim could reach targets in South Korea and Japan, including US military bases there. Forces Network
  • [New] South Korea's unrestricted and dangerous attempts to strengthen military power are destroying the military balance on the Korean peninsula and increasing military instability and danger. TheCorrespondent.PK
  • [New] South Korea could become the first Asian country to implement universal basic income if the Democratic presidential candidate wins the upcoming election. Business Insider Australia
  • [New] Singapore's travel program for fully vaccinated people began in September with Germany and Brunei, and will include South Korea from next month. SBS News
  • [New] South Korea and Japan rank lower in 2021 compared to last year, but Japan is on track to rise up through the ranking to take third place in 2026, as domestic demand increases alongside continued investments in materials refining and component production. BloombergNEF
  • [New] SOUTH KOREA BOOSTS EMISSIONS PLEDGE: South Korea is dramatically increasing its greenhouse gas reduction goal from 26% to 40% by 2030, and plans to formally submit its stronger nationally determined contribution, or NDC, as part of the Paris Agreement. Washington Examiner
  • [New] Recent record cases in South Korea and Singapore may be connected to some mid-year holidays, and a convergence of Asian and Western holidays at the end of the year could lead to a nightmare. Reuters
  • [New] North Asia, such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, will start increasing LSFO consumption for winter. McKnights
  • Singapore's travel programme for fully vaccinated people began in September with Germany and Brunei, and will include South Korea from next month. Reuters
  • For Plug Power, the joint venture with SK provides a unique opportunity to establish a foothold in the Asian market with one of South Korea's leading industrial conglomerates. FuelCellsWorks
  • The joint venture with SK Group provides a unique opportunity for Plug Power to establish a foothold in the Asian market with one of South Korea's leading industrial groups. Hydrogen View
  • North Korea's attempts to strengthen its negotiating power will increase security risks to South Korea and Japan. The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • The RCEP agreement, gathering the 10 ASEAN member nations and Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, will make up nearly 30% of the world's gross domestic products and create a market covering nearly one-third of the global population. Fibre2Fashion
  • In order to get on track for its carbon neutrality pledge by 2060, it's imperative that China announces a more stringent NDC and stops international finance for coal, as South Korea and Japan recently committed to do. EcoWatch
  • India could well follow the investment and operating model that China, Japan, South Korea, the U.S. and the European countries had built for overseas coal power projects. Caixin Global Limited
  • Indonesia's tourist spot Bali will start allowing direct arrivals from China, Japan and South Korea as a receding Covid-19 outbreak lets the country ease restrictions further. Bangkok Post
  • There has been some speculation that AUKUS will, with time, become an Asian equivalent of NATO, with more countries joining, from Canada and New Zealand to Japan and South Korea, and eventually even India and Vietnam. Carnegie Moscow Center
  • The European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries have promised to reach net zero carbon emissions - balancing emissions of greenhouse gases with active removal - by 2050; China has pledged to do so by 2060. Knowable Magazine | Annual Reviews
  • North Korea is hoping that demonstrating a nuclear-capable missile will bring South Korea and the U.S. back to the discussion table. Interesting Engineering

Last updated: 20 October 2021