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WHAT'S NEXT?: The latest sign of weakness in Japan's economy will likely add to mounting skepticism about the prime minister's expansionary policies. His coalition government has just achieved the supermajority it needs to amend the constitution which many are worried that Japan is about to remove the mask of pacificism and convert its "Self-Defense Force" into the military threat it really is.

  • [New] Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, and Japan appear to push for further investment in climate capture techniques, technologies that could capture carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it underground. IFLScience
  • [New] China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are expected to need 3.8 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2030. Cosmos Magazine
  • [New] Given China's scale versus Japan's, and the enormous growth opportunities that remain to sell within its own borders to the lower and middle classes, China may have generations to go before it flatlines the way Japan has. Discourse
  • [New] Although Japan had spent two years conducting a feasibility study, China won the rail contract, not only with a clear financial inducement but also by dropping its demand for a sovereign risk guarantee. Asia Times
  • [New] Toyota plans to build a new billion-dollar battery plant in the U.S. as the Japanese automaker ramps up development and production of the key components needed for hybrid and electric vehicles. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.'s planned launch of a factory in Japan will put the chip-making giant near key suppliers and buyers, including some of the world's top manufacturers of cars and electronics, during a surge in demand for semiconductor chips. Forbes
  • [New] Japan would become vulnerable from the south and east, and face the reality that China could cut its trade and energy supplies. The Strategist
  • [New] If built, Spaceport Japan could corner the tourism market, providing companies like Virgin Galactic and PD AeroSpace with the possibility to carry thrill-seeking customers on sub-orbital flights. Icon
  • [New] Other observers in China, though, fear that Australia's nuclear-powered submarines could one day prevent Chinese subs from being able to access the Western Pacific through the so-called first island chain, stretching between Japan and the Philippines. Der Spiegel
  • [New] Higher imports in China will support US trade both directly and indirectly as major competitors shift product out of other East Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea. The Pig Site
  • [New] The status quo on dialogue does not indicate a standstill because the US is engaging with South Korea, Japan and other allies in the Indo-Pacific to discuss the threat of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. the korea herald
  • [New] Zespri RubyRed kiwifruit will be available to consumers in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China from around March until late May in 2022. Chronicles magazine
  • [New] Support for large private-sector investments, including TSMC's roughly 1 trillion yen ($8.81 billion) project in Japan, will be included in an upcoming economic stimulus package. Nikkei Asia
  • [New] TSMC confirmed plans to establish a chip plant in Japan to meet long-term demand, with production scheduled to begin in late 2024. Mobile World Live
  • [New] Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world's biggest contract chipmaker, on Thursday announced it will build its first-ever chip plant in Japan, answering Tokyo's call to strengthen the local semiconductor supply chain to cope with an unprecedented global crunch in key components. Nikkei Asia
  • [New] Growing end-use industry from India, Japan and South Asian countries expected to drive the demand for lumber equipment market across the forecast period. Yahoo
  • [New] Japan's ruling conservatives unveiled their campaign platform Tuesday, saying they would aim to boost defense spending, possibly even doubling it, to counter threats from China and North Korea. The Defense Post
  • [New] There are countries on the high end of the curve like France and Japan, but the two biggest capital markets, the US and China, have limited disclosure on biodiversity risks at present. Euromoney
  • [New] Solar manufacturers in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are watching closely for opportunities amid the China-U.S. trade dispute. pv magazine International
  • Countries around the world, including Europe, the United States, Japan, and China, have already declared carbon neutrality by the mid-2100s and have begun to establish specific policies. FuelCellsWorks
  • Last month, North Korea performed its first missile tests in six months, including nuclear-capable weapons they claim could reach targets in South Korea and Japan, including US military bases there. Forces Network
  • In April, Japan has doubled its target for emissions cuts by 2030, promising to reduce its carbon emissions by 46% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. DW.COM

Last updated: 23 October 2021