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  • [New] Morocco has banned direct flights from the UK amid fears about the growing case rate, as well flights from Germany and the Netherlands. The Local
  • [New] The recent mistakes by Germany, the EU, and the United States on gas policy are potentially disastrous and will have major costs unless all three parties urgently rethink their positions. Atlantic Council
  • [New] The pipeline, funded by Kremlin-owned energy giant Gazprom and its European partners, is expected to obtain certification from a German regulator to begin commercial sales of natural gas, though the approval process could take several months. Pipeline & Gas Journal,
  • [New] San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG & E) has set a new sustainability strategy, outlining new and accelerated goals to help meet its pledge to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. BusNews - Australia
  • [New] T-Systems is building a sovereign cloud offering in partnership with Google Cloud for private and public-sector organizations based in Germany, which will become available in mid-2022. Google Cloud Blog
  • [New] Ukraine fears that its European allies, such as Germany, are too reliant on Russia for gas supplies, especially after the Biden administration waived sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The Times
  • [New] Moroccan authorities will suspend direct flights with Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands over COVID-19 concerns starting tomorrow. Middle East Monitor
  • [New] The United States, China, Germany, and South Korea are expected to recover to pre-pandemic GDP levels per capita by the end of 2021. Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine
  • [New] Based on the trends to 2017, the 'baseline scenario' shows China was likely to a 100% share of battery electric vehicles by around 2025, whereas France was only on course to reach 50% by 2040; Germany would reach 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2040; the US would reach 50% by 2032 but close to 100% by 2040. GFEI | Global Fuel Economy Initiative
  • [New] Germany will have a leading role to play as Europe and the US transition to electric vehicles in the coming years. MiningFeeds
  • [New] Nord Stream 2 will allow Russia to consolidate much of its gas exports directly to Germany as a transit country, thereby making European energy supplies heavily dependent on Russia-German relations. EnergyNow
  • [New] With cross-border flows of about 200 TWh a year in 2030, Germany is expected to be at the center of the European power system. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] The first market launch of the easyconnect CTS is expected in Denmark and the Netherlands in 2022, followed by France, Germany and the United Kingdom in 2023. BASF
  • [New] Russia was taking advantage of the energy crisis to ensure that Europe will soon start importing gas through the highly contentious Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will run gas straight to Germany. Politico
  • [New] Germany will cut a power surcharge levied on consumers to support renewable energy by 42.7% to help households cope with soaring energy prices. Resilience
  • [New] The more a country relies on industry, the worse it will be hit - most services do not use a lot of power - so within Europe expect Germany and Italy to suffer the most. MoneyWeek
  • [New] China will likely face further German challenge over its human rights policies, and Russian President Vladimir Putin will face additional scrutiny of his power blackmail strategy. Breaking U.S News
  • [New] As Germany and France seek to reduce their reliance on nuclear energy, they will likely turn to natural gas, at least until more wind and solar projects can be brought online. CNN
  • [New] China is likely to face an increased German challenge over its human rights policies, and Russian President Vladimir Putin will face new scrutiny of his energy blackmail strategy. Washington Examiner
  • [New] The German government assumes that the Chinese side will make a decisive contribution to climate protection by reducing the risks of climate change. Reuters
  • [New] A move by the German regulator last week to ask the pipeline operator, Swiss-based Nord Stream 2 AG, for assurances it will not break competition rules suggests it could take several more months before the 1,200 km pipeline gets the green light. Pipeline & Gas Journal,
  • [New] Merkel's party narrowly lost elections in Germany last month, and a new government will consist of a coalition that will likely be more centre-left, and likely more critical of Ankara than before. Al Jazeera

Last updated: 26 October 2021