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WHAT'S NEXT?: Achieving Brexit will dominate the UK's agenda up to and beyond 2020 with uncertainty rife until clear decisions are made on the form of Great Britain's future relationship with the EU and the rest of the world.

  • [New] Expectations are growing that the Bank of England could raise rates as early as next month to tackle rising inflation. The Guardian
  • [New] The UKEF-supported Buyer Credit Facility will help Bechtel in its joint venture with ENKA to create value worth €150 million (£127.5 million) to the UK economy, driving investment into local communities and supporting jobs. Ashurst
  • [New] The UK government has repeatedly insisted its £11.6bn five year climate funding package is protected from the ODA cuts, but critics have countered that the decision to ringfence climate projects simply means steeper cuts will be required elsewhere to the UK's development spending. Business Green
  • [New] Insulate Britain is calling for a national programme to ensure homes are insulated by 2030, which government experts on climate change believe is essential to meet targets on reducing carbon emissions. The Guardian
  • [New] The outlook for Europe will still depend a lot on the winter weather, but Europe's largest economies have more fuel stocks than the UK. Pound Sterling Forecast
  • [New] The Ineos hydrogen business will have its headquarters in the UK and aims to build capacity to produce hydrogen across its network of sites in Europe, in addition to partner sites where hydrogen can accelerate decarbonisation of energy. MSN
  • [New] UK lawyers will benefit from improved business travel arrangements, allowing UK companies to set up shop more easily in New Zealand. The Global Legal Post
  • [New] UK workers will benefit from improved business travel rrangements and professionals such as lawyers and architects will be able to work in New Zealand more easily, allowing UK companies to set up shop and bring the best British talent with them. MercoPress
  • [New] The Global Britain Investment Fund will hand out grants to encourage internationally mobile companies to invest in the UK's critical industries, including life sciences and automotive. The Independent
  • [New] Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive extra funding through the Barnett formula - a mechanism the UK government uses to allocate additional money to the devolved nations when it spends more in England. BBC News
  • [New] A senior figure in the National Health Service has urged the UK government to immediately enforce Plan B coronavirus restrictions or risk stumbling into a winter crisis. New Scientist
  • [New] If Scotland is more Nordic than liberal, then we would expect to see a divergence in social attitudes between Scotland and England, and a similarity between Scotland and the Nordic countries. NatCen Social Research
  • [New] The UK government will encourage the design and development of the next generation of AI systems in the UK and will support UK businesses across sectors to adopt them on a larger scale. Law360
  • [New] The United States and the United Kingdom want Australia to take ambitious action, which is why the prime minister attempted to land not only net zero, but also internal agreement to a marginally higher 2030 target as well. The Guardian
  • [New] The fear among climate campaigners is that developing countries will lose trust in the financial promises made by the UK - and other richer nations - to help them adapt their economies to climate change. BBC News
  • [New] The UK government has said it wants to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and that by 2035 that commitment is extended to hybrids so that all cars must be fully zero emissions capable. Just Auto
  • [New] While spending per pupil in Scotland is over £900 higher than in the other three nations of the UK, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, school spending per pupil in 2021-22 is expected to be just above or just below where it was in 2009-10. TES
  • [New] Imports via interconnectors account for about 10% of UK electricity supply, of which almost half is from France and, as mentioned above, there also are plans for a further interconnector with France - so that imports from Europe may provide a quarter of UK electricity supply by 2024. UK in a changing Europe
  • [New] Morocco has banned direct flights from the UK amid fears about the growing case rate, as well flights from Germany and the Netherlands. The Local
  • [New] There's a fear that going strong with spending would stoke more inflation and make the Bank of England raise rates faster, exacerbating the debt burden.
  • [New] The Care Quality Commission has released its annual assessment of the state of health and social care in England, which lays bare the threats Covid-19 has caused to an already struggling sector. HuffPost UK
  • [New] There is a significant opportunity for UK economy from domestic heat pump manufacturing in terms of job and value creation. Eunomia
  • [New] The UK government will be hoping its sweeping new Net Zero Strategy can provide many other governments with both a template to follow and confidence that net zero targets can catalyse real world progress. Business Green

Last updated: 26 October 2021