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  • [New] The synergies with car manufacturers and with the world of public transport, combined with Snam's distinctive skills in the infrastructure field, will be decisive in accelerating the development of the hydrogen supply chain for the benefit of national and global climate objectives. FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] The Welsh Metro will make it an easier choice for people to use their cars less and public transport and active travel more, in order to significantly reduce the environmental impact and help Wales to reach its net zero carbon target by 2050. Intelligent Transport
  • [New] U.K. consumer prices accelerated well beyond the Bank of England's target for a second month, propelled by the global disruption in supply chains that pushed up transport costs. Mayberry Investments Limited
  • [New] Transport 32% 47-59% Road transport is transformed through increasing use of zero emission vehicles, driven in part by ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 and supported by increasing the share of trips taken by cycling, walking, and public transport. UK Government
  • [New] The decarbonisation of transport plays a broader role in supporting the UK's net zero ambitions, presenting a huge opportunity to reduce emissions, improve air quality and to be a global leader in mobility. 2021
  • [New] The Smart Mobility fund will invest globally in companies that support the decarbonisation of transport, including technologies, products and services that enable the electrification and automation of the entire transport sector. Funds Europe
  • [New] The Wales Transport Strategy 202142 has been significantly shaped by the need to transform the transport system to reduce greenhouse emissions to net zero by 2050. Royal Town Planning Institute
  • [New] Ericsson will help AT&T to bring its 5G network to more consumers, businesses and first responders across key industries - including 5G use cases in sports and venues, entertainment, travel and transportation, business transformation and public safety. Light Reading
  • [New] After rapid growth in India's renewable energy sector, transport decarbonisation is India's next big opportunity to address climate change. Reuters
  • [New] In India, the transport sector is currently the third largest emitter of CO2 and will remain an important part of the discussions and efforts around curbing emissions. Economic Times
  • [New] In addition to land transport, the Head of State spoke of air transport, expressing the wish to produce in France by 2030 the first low-carbon aircraft. DV8 World News
  • [New] Choice around low carbon modes of transport will play a big role in reducing emissions from energy use. Intelligent Transport
  • [New] ADB now plans for US$ 66 billion in financing for climate mitigation financing through 2030, including for new energy storage, energy efficiency and low-carbon transportation investments. CNA
  • [New] Self-driving cars will soon include car-sharing services such as Zipcar, rental car companies, and public transportation. TheNextTech
  • [New] To further reduce GHG emissions, California is increasingly using renewable resources to produce electricity while planning for increased demand from transportation electrification and other opportunities for electrification. AgendaCenter
  • [New] Campaign for Better Transport is warning that without further measures to help reduce emissions from transport, the UK will struggle to meet its climate commitments. Infrastructure Intelligence
  • [New] Under current policies, the U.S. will not meet targets for reducing emissions from transportation. Fast Company
  • [New] A Minnesota Clean Fuels Standard could reduce more than 50% of climate pollution from the transportation sector by 205. ethanolproducer
  • [New] The self-driving car industry is going to add car-sharing services too such as Zipcar or rental car companies or public transportation.

Last updated: 22 October 2021