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Real Estate

  • [New] While the Bank of England is talking about raising interest rates, there's quite a jump between raising rates and doing something that might result in a housing market crash. MoneyWeek
  • [New] The recent activity could put the tech industry on track to surpass finance as New York's biggest occupier of commercial real estate by the end of the decade. Forbes
  • [New] The coronavirus pandemic might cool down a real estate market that had been rising for the last decade. CNBC
  • [New] The accelerating energy crisis and the real estate debt crisis that began with reports on the default of Evergrande Group could still move into a wider range to impact other Chinese companies and even other sectors of the global financial markets. Noor Trends
  • [New] The largest providers of cheaper housing in London have estimated they will need to spend £3.6bn on post-Grenfell repairs in the next 14 years, an amount which could provide more than 70,000 new homes. The Guardian
  • [New] Goldman Sachs has estimates of the impact of China's real estate market on GDP, and in the worst-case scenario, China's GDP will decrease significantly. Operation Disclosure Official
  • [New] House Bill 951 requires electric utilities to cut carbon emissions by 70% from 2005 levels by 2030, and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Inside Climate News
  • [New] General sentiment is that (outside the slowdown in the Chinese real estate sector) Asia-Pacific leveraged loan activity will remain buoyant through to the end of the year. Ogier
  • [New] While few late-season storms threaten oil and natural gas production and processing in the Gulf of Mexico, expensive real estate along the U.S. Insurance Journal
  • [New] PBA 2050's mere promises of un-guaranteed and un-required affordable housing for Communities of Concern without clear land-use policies that de-commodify land and housing - and instead include adequate and committed funding for the affordable housing - are clearly not realistic. 48 hills
  • [New] From a high base last year and with a continued negative trend in the real estate sector, Chinese steel demand will have negative growth for the rest of 2021. World Steel Association
  • [New] The National Bureau of Statistics' headline gross domestic product figure and other indicators will capture the initial impact of two economic shocks: the debt crisis at Evergrande, one of China's largest real estate developers, and widespread and crippling energy shortages. New York Digital News
  • [New] The recovery of [the] construction sector is linked to a few factors, including the relaxation of travel restrictions and quarantine rules, and whether foreign demand for Cambodia's real estate market will pick up. Phnom Penh Post
  • [New] Cambodia's real estate sector, particularly involving Chinese investors, remains at risk of a contagion effect from Evergrande going forward. Phnom Penh Post
  • [New] The aim for the red line policy is to reduce financial risks in their real estate sector by curbing excessive debt growth in Chinese property developers that have over borrowed to finance their projects and operations. Phnom Penh Post
  • [New] The White House announced in May that it would open up two areas off the California coast to commercial-scale wind farms and indicated that it might turn to new technology for floating wind farms. The Verge
  • [New] Another very real danger is that the Evergrande crisis stands to change China's perception of real estate as a safe investment. Business Insider Australia
  • [New] Dutch pension funds have a sufficient overview of the climate risk of their domestic real estate investments. IPE
  • California is redoubling its efforts to bring high-speed internet to more houses, hoping to get it into 98% of homes by 2022. Politico
  • Outstanding cross-border bond issuance by China's real estate sector totalled $232bn at the end of September, almost a third of which is expected to mature before the end of 2022. Financial Times
  • Damage from climate change to coastal real estate, ports, shipping, marine renewable energy and seafood will increase in the next 15 years. Ocean Risk Alliance
  • Apple may slash the number of iPhone 13 s it will make in 2021 by up to 10m because of a shortage of computer chips amid a worldwide supply chain crunch that led the White House to warn that there will be things that people can not get at Christmas. The Guardian

Last updated: 23 October 2021