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  • [New] Tesla's Founder, Elon Musk, stated that a large contract would be signed if a company could produce nickel with a lowered carbon footprint by using more environmentally friendly ways of mining. NXTmine
  • [New] The Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF will track the performance of Bitcoin Industry Revolution Companies - publicly traded companies that hold a majority of their net assets in bitcoin or make a majority of their revenue from bitcoin-related activities such as mining. DLA Piper
  • [New] 47 major oil, coal, cement and mining companies could be held liable for the impact of their operations on Filipino citizens. The Guardian
  • [New] In addition to creating more strain on the Texas power grid, some industry experts say they worry that a surge in Bitcoin mining could lead to wider environmental problems in Texas. Austin American-Statesman
  • [New] Industrial metals are benefiting from robust demand and supply disruptions due to rapid rises in the prices of gas and coal, which is increasing costs for mines and refiners from Chile to China. The Financial Times
  • [New] China has approved 153 coal mines to expand capacity, expecting to add 55 million tonnes of coal supplies in the fourth quarter. Reuters
  • [New] GAS: Advocates in New York's Finger Lakes region protest a bitcoin mining operation that has set up shop at a resurrected natural gas-fired power plant and plans to quadruple its generating capacity in 2022. Energy News Network
  • [New] New York was weighing legislation in 2021 to ban bitcoin mining for three years so it could run an environmental assessment to gauge its greenhouse gas emissions. CNBC
  • [New] The underground mine, some areas of which will be accessed by ramp and some by shaft, is expected to be in full production from 2029 until at least 2039, and produce about 500,000 to 600,000 oz. / Canada
  • [New] Canadian Malartic, in which Yamana acquired a 50% stake in 2014, entered production as an open-pit operation in 2011 and will remain in production until at least 2040 based on the underground mine now in development.
  • Any expansion of the coal industry is incompatible with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and with the International Energy Agency's net zero by 2050 modelling, which sees no new coal mines or mine extensions from in 2021 onward. Lock the Gate
  • Whitehaven Coal plans to build the brand new Vickery coal mine, plus another new project in Queensland and a major expansion, which together would produce more than a billion tonnes of greenhouse gases. Lock the Gate
  • Having being surging for three months, Chinese domestic thermal coal prices could have a chance to cool down as a key producing hub urged mines to expand output. Shanxi Fensheng Information Services Co
  • The London-listed miner, which has four copper operations in Chile, plans to run its Centinela mine solely on renewable energy from 2022 onwards.
  • The Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF will follow companies that have the bulk of their net assets in cryptocurrencies, or get their revenue from other activities related to bitcoin, such as lending, bitcoin mining or even producing mining equipment. MoneyWeek
  • Shanxi will allow some 51 coal mines that had hit their maximum annual production levels to keep producing in the fourth quarter and to raise capacity by 8 million tonnes, which is expected to add 20.65 million tonnes of extra supply. Reuters
  • Using supply side and demand side policy incentives will help facilitate the development and deployment of emissions reduction technologies specifically applicable to Australia's manufacturing, energy and mining operations. University of Calgary
  • Carbon Capture, Use, and Sequestration (CCUS) technology could vastly reduce carbon emissions from America's power system and that it would save jobs in coal mining and natural gas and in power plants. Ohio River Valley Institute
  • Spain's untapped rare earths are stoking tensions between mining companies and environmentalists and farmers who fear the devastating impact from extracting the minerals considered as essential for a high-tech and low-carbon economy. Techregister
  • Even though the cost of mining coal will face some upward pressure after 2030, we project coal prices to remain lower relative to natural gas, providing a cost-competitive generation option to natural gas-fired power generation. EIA - Energy Information Administration
  • The transition to renewable energy will make the U.S. energy supply significantly more secure not only by decreasing the mining and materials required to build fossil fuel systems, but also by avoiding the political risks that threaten fossil fuel supply chains. Tech Xplore

Last updated: 22 October 2021