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  • [New] PLAY's onboard product to the US is still under discussion, but will likely be zero frills in a single-class configuration, meaning no inflight meals, wifi, or entertainment, and add-ons, like luggage, will be at a charge. Business Insider
  • [New] The average user time on social media marketing platforms has continued to rise in 2021 and will increase again in 2022. Digital Stand
  • [New] Even after years of etiquette posters and tutting on social media, there's still a significant chunk of the population in Japan who would rather risk censure than give up their seat on a busy train. The Japan Times
  • [New] Nearly three-quarters of internet users aged 16 to 64 say that they turn to social media when researching products and services that they are thinking of buying, making 'social search' one of 2022's top opportunities. We Are Social UK
  • [New] The bad press, increasingly stringent regulatory environment, and the relatively small amount of revenue Microsoft receives from Chinese LinkedIn users, led to LinkedIn deciding it will no longer operate content sharing or social media in China. Mind Matters
  • [New] India's border clashes with China provided Taiwanese officials with an opportunity to connect on a different level: social media messages of democratic solidarity. Nikkei Asia
  • [New] Given the CCP's paramount fear of truth, and the ubiquitous nature of social media in China, there are grounds to believe that defeating the CCP in its own game of influence operations is possible. Global Taiwan Institute
  • [New] Fuse Media has inked a deal with BBC Studios that will bring more than 60 hours of content to its Fuse Beat streaming brand. TVUSA
  • [New] Alongside the internal threat, is the risk that foreign internet service providers, largely based in the US, could turn off cloud servers and social media platforms etc., if America decided to act on the threat to impose sanctions on Afghanistan.
  • [New] Social media might be inspiring even more young consumers to quit their jobs, with many using TikTok to vent about their toxic corporate work environments or document their resignations, potentially spreading the confidence to leave positions that overwork and undervalue them. YPulse
  • [New] The media successfully portrayed COVID-19 as a life-threatening disease that would decimate world populations, while persuading many millions of unsuspecting people to wear face masks and risk unproven vaccines out of fear. Brave New World Media
  • [New] China is considering asking media companies from Tencent Holdings Ltd. to ByteDance Ltd. to let rivals access and display their content in search results, a move that could further eradicate online barriers and shake up the internet advertising arena. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] With each passing quarter, companies like Instagram and TikTok are adding new marketing tools for influencers, and it is going to be increasingly difficult for regulators to identify misleading endorsements on social media and hold companies accountable. Blogger
  • [New] BIA Advisory Services is forecasting that, for the first time, mobile advertising spending will surpass direct mail (20.7%) as the top media advertising platform in 2022. Radio Ink
  • Ericsson will help AT&T to bring its 5G network to more consumers, businesses and first responders across key industries - including 5G use cases in sports and venues, entertainment, travel and transportation, business transformation and public safety. Light Reading
  • Social media can bring enormous benefits and opportunities to an academic community, partly by enabling global communication and promoting lively academic debate. University of Oxford
  • Around 1 in 5 Australian scientists surveyed by the Australian Science Media Centre said they experienced death threats and/or threats of physical or sexual violence after speaking to the media about COVID-19. Scimex
  • Brands are already spending big money to promote their products on social media: eMarketer reported that Worldwide ad spending on Facebook and Instagram combined will reach nearly $95 billion annually in 2021. Portada
  • Since Friday, social media has been flooded with evocative messages, expressing solidarity with the persecuted Hazaras and warning against Afghanistan becoming another Syria. Media TehranTimes
  • We can see more personalization and smarter use of automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that will make sure that posts go out even when you are not on social media yourself. PODORDER
  • In the run-up to the Thai general elections, which are expected to be held no later than the first quarter of 2022, many political parties - including the Phuea Thai Party, Democrat Party and Move Forward Party - have adapted social media and technology in a bid to amass votes. Fulcrum
  • In 2022, sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, will continue to play a significant role, allowing businesses to monitor social media and gain real-time insights into how customers feel about their brand or products. BeamKorp

Last updated: 25 October 2021