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Financial Services

  • [New] Despite significant progress, China faces considerable inequality in opportunities, such as completion of higher tertiary education and access to certain financial services. Insights
  • [New] Open source financial primitives will provide the building blocks to create financial services for brand new use cases, at lower cost, and serve a global audience across the full socioeconomic spectrum. Future
  • [New] China's central bank continues to tighten regulation of fintech China's central bank will strengthen the regulation of payment sector and require all companies providing financial services to be licensed. Holland Fintech
  • [New] As the world wakes up to the harsh realities of climate change, consumer behaviour will have to change, impacting the product mix of financial services. FinTech Futures
  • [New] The payments industry is rapidly evolving: There is a huge opportunity for financial services business, with global cross-border payments expected to reach US$ 156 trillion in 2022, as well as a number of challenges, including the global adoption of ISO 20022 and increasing compliance requirements. FinExtra
  • [New] The CIC group has for more than three decades shouldered the risks of Kenyans by providing flexible Insurance and financial services built around their needs. HapaKenya
  • [New] Financial institutions across Europe are waking up to the size of the open banking prize - recognising immediate commercial opportunities to be realised by enhancing the customer experience, launching new digital services and increasing revenue. FinExtra
  • [New] Capstone expects IPO activity in the FinTech & Payments industry to continue through 2021 and into 2022 as financial institutions expand their digitization efforts to insurance, lending, and mortgage services. Capstone Partners
  • Dubbed the MSME Fintech Credit Fund, Lendable says it will provide credit to African and Asian fintech companies so they can offer credit facilities and financial services for more than 150,000 small businesses. TechCrunch
  • Domestic regulators will urge the companies that run fintech platforms to upgrade their financial services to strengthen competitiveness globally. Caixin Global Limited
  • The new directives of the second phase of the Bahrain OBF will provide an opportunity for retail banks and financial institutions to provide a wider range of services with greater efficiency, at lower costs and in a more customer-centric manner.
  • A Canadian startup called Nuula that is aiming to build a super app to provide a range of financial services to small and medium businesses has closed $120 million of funding, money that it will use to fuel the launch of its app and first product, a line of credit for its users. TechCrunch
  • Integrating Honey's rewards program directly into PayPal should bring more Honey users to PayPal's app, growing its user base and setting up cross-promotional opportunities for PayPal's other shopping and financial services. Business Insider
  • Over the next five years, UK brands expect to generate £230.48 billion from embedded financial services, 37% of the £619 billion (720 billion Euro) total for European brands. Financial IT
  • The phase one agreement committed China to make progress on enforcing intellectual property rights, remove non-tariff barriers to farm imports, liberalize its financial services sector, and take other steps that will also presumably be part of Tai's discussion. PIIE
  • At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of banking and financial services across the world, the arrival of digital banks will further add to the dynamism of Malaysia's financial sector. East Asia Forum
  • The world can expect sustained progress on smoking elimination, adoption of universal health coverage and access to financial services. Time
  • Universal access to cross-border payments, remittances, banking services and financial investment products will allow the whole world to participate more fairly and equitably in the globalised economy. East Asia Forum
  • Cake claims to be the first digital banking solution attached to a ride-hailing app in Vietnam, and will enable access to financial services for as many as 10 million existing Be customers. FinTech Futures
  • We have seen a consistent and growing demand for digital financial services, further accelerated by extended lockdowns and a shift in consumer behaviours in key European markets, and it is clear that Starling can power new and exciting opportunities for businesses across Europe. FStech
  • From 2022, Starling will enable French firms to provide financial services to their customers, such as payments, data processing and issuing cards. Research

Last updated: 25 October 2021