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  • [New] IT virtualization introduces new vulnerabilities from globally sourced third-party hardware, software, and configurations that surround, penetrate, and bind the remote environment altogether. RunSafe Security
  • [New] Vodafone has announced plans to add nearly 7,000 software engineers to its European workforce by 2025 in an effort to develop more digital services in-house. Telecom Paper
  • [New] Vodafone today unveiled plans to add nearly 7,000 software engineers to its expanding European-wide technical workforce by 2025, through a combination of recruitment, re-skilling existing employees and insourcing.
  • [New] Other cyber criminals were able to carry out a supply chain attack using a vulnerability in software from Kaseya to launch a ransomware attack that affected thousands of its customers around the world. ZDNet
  • [New] Zoox, based in California, will use a fleet of Toyota Highlander vehicles retrofitted with its sensor technology and autonomous driving software. The National
  • [New] Scalable Network Technologies is a privately held company in Culver City, California, and provides software, simulation and network digital twin platforms that enable users to analyze and predict the performance and cyber resilience of communication networks. GovCon Wire
  • [New] Spending on enterprise software is expected to grow 8.8% to $505 billion in 2021, with much of the money flowing to robotic process automation and other forms of digital work automation. Dataversity
  • [New] Enterprise software is expected to have the highest growth in 2022 at 11.5%, driven by infrastructure software spending continuing to outpace application software spending. Gartner
  • [New] Foster City, Calif.-based Zoox will deploy a fleet of Toyota Highlander vehicles retrofitted with its sensor technology and autonomous-driving software. Automotive News
  • [New] Future of Programming McKinsey predicts Software 2.0, where neural networks and machine learning will be used to write code and create new software. Dark Reading
  • [New] GM is adding an end-to-end software platform called Ultifi to its Ultium portfolio of EV systems in a dual-platform strategy that it says will help it aggressively expand digital services and increase the lifetime value of its vehicles.
  • [New] Virtual Reality could be the future of professional football training, with both Premier League and Women's Super League clubs using new software to practise heading in order to reduce the risk of long-term brain injuries. Washington latest
  • [New] IBM today launched the Environmental Intelligence Suite, a set of AI-powered software that customers can use to prepare for climate risks that could disrupt operations. VentureBeat
  • [New] The DOD should employ software and software security measures that are capable of monitoring changes to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures associated with the embedded software in military assets throughout their lifecycle, which could last 20-30 years. Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • [New] IBM expects mid-single-digit revenue growth, FCF generation of $35bn cumulative over a three-year period from 2022 to 2024, a higher mix of software and recurring revenues driving growth, high single-digit growth for IBM consulting, and mid-single-digit software growth. Smarter Analyst
  • [New] The Chinese exchanges are expected to help set up platforms with information about listed companies, to offer tools to analyze performance, and to help increase network security and provide digital surveillance software. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • [New] Continuous profiling might not be a familiar concept to every company, but in a world increasingly drawn to cloud software and infrastructure, it's something that most should be aware of. VentureBeat
  • As a safety measure, automakers install battery management systems (BMS) in EVs-diagnostic software that predicts battery abnormalities and monitors battery module performance. Automotive World
  • Hybrid cloud platforms and software comprise a $450 billion market opportunity and are the key to any hybrid cloud architecture. Internet of Things blog
  • Just in July 2021, in the Kaseya breach - a supply chain ransomware attack - hackers leveraged a vulnerability in Kaseya VSA software against multiple Managed Service Providers and their customers. Information Age
  • Another trend that should help fuel growth: The employment of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers is projected to grow 22% from 2020 to 2030 - much faster than the average for all occupations. GeekWire
  • The application of AI in banking and across all industries will establish a replacement market for everything we have done enterprise application software for in the last three decades. FinExtra

Last updated: 25 October 2021