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WHAT'S NEXT?: Global demand for fresh water is expected to outpace sustainable supply by 40% in 2030. Global water demand will climb in tandem with population and economic growth. At least two-thirds of the world's population will face 'water stress' by 2025 and the number of people affected by floods could increase by a factor of three by 2100 bring significant risk of unrest and conflict. The UN Security Council will have to declare water a strategic resource of humanity and adopt a resolution to protect water resources and installations. Organizations will be expected to play their part in conserving water.

  • [New] Outside the Arctic, we judge that transboundary tensions probably will increase over shared surface and groundwater basins as increased weather variability exacerbates preexisting or triggers new water insecurity in many parts of the world. Director of National Intelligence
  • [New] As temperatures rise and more extreme effects manifest, there is a growing risk of conflict over water and migration, particularly after 2030, and an increasing chance that countries will unilaterally test and deploy large-scale solar geoengineering-creating a new area of geopolitical disputes. Director of National Intelligence
  • [New] Sinopec expects the gas storage facility to ensure stable gas supply in north China and the Yellow River Basin from winter through spring. Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
  • [New] By 2030, up to 118 million people living on less than $1.90 a day will be exposed to drought, floods and extreme heat in Africa if adequate response measures are not put in place. The New York Times
  • [New] There has been an eight-inch rise in ocean water over the past century along the Marin coast, but scientific predictions are that the Bay Area coastal region could expect a 70-inch rise versus today's level by 2100. POST
  • [New] Africa's fabled eastern glaciers will vanish in two decades, 118 million poor people face imminent drought, floods or extreme heat, and climate change could also shave three per cent off continental GDP by mid-century. DAWN.COM
  • [New] The wet winter the American southwest has hoped for as it battles extreme drought and heat is increasingly unlikely to materialize as scientists at the CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER / NCEP/NWS now predict that a phenomenon known as La Nina will develop for the second year in a row. Digital Journal
  • [New] The East of England will be affected by climate change more keenly than anywhere else in the UK, which is why we have made a commitment to building a resilient water and waste water network fit for the future. Norfolk County Council
  • [New] The gas storage facility has a capacity of 10.03 billion cubic meters and will become a strong resource guarantee for gas storage and peak shaving from winter through spring in north China and the Yellow River Basin as well as ensuring a stable gas supply. DKODING
  • [New] In a year of both extreme heat and extreme drought, California has reported its driest water year in terms of precipitation in a century, and experts fear the coming 12 months could be even worse. Strange Sounds
  • [New] In August, the state water board approved a motion to restrict water access for California farmers to prevent further risk to the drinking water supply. CBS News
  • [New] Swarms of mining companies are looking to attach themselves to clean materials and clean energy, including companies with mine proposals that offer inconsequential benefits, and pose a serious risk to American clean water and beloved crown jewels on America's public lands. Save the Boundary Waters
  • [New] In Malawi, an estimated 1.5 million girls are at risk of child marriage due to the impacts of climate change, including flooding and drought. ReliefWeb
  • [New] Millions of people worldwide will be at risk from sea level rise over the next two generations, while others will be driven away from regions of prolonged heat, drought and the threat of wildfires. The Conversation
  • [New] While cutting down trees - any kind of trees - may seem counter-productive during the climate crisis, removing 54,000 hectares of alien trees by 2025 will result in reclaiming an estimated 55 billion liters of water lost each year - equivalent to two months water supply for Cape Town. Digital Journal
  • [New] In many developing countries, rainfed farming systems are increasingly vulnerable to disruptions in established rainfall patterns, especially in parts of sub-Saharan Africa where only six percent of agricultural land is irrigated. International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  • [New] The Climate Emergency means that water companies will need to invest more to ensure resilient supplies to keep the taps running for future generations and meet their ambitious Net Zero 2030 target. Water UK
  • [New] Life Below Water is goal number 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to protect sea life and preserve oceans and seas and to significantly reduce by 2030 marine pollution of all kinds. Scoop
  • [New] Four million people and £200 billion of assets are at risk of flooding from rivers or sea. UK Government
  • [New] If no further action is taken between 2025 and 2050, over 3,400 million extra litres of water per day will be needed for resilient public water supply. UK Government
  • [New] The risks from climate impacts are recognised in all the Environment Agency's major strategies, including for flooding, coasts, water and catchment management, and industrial regulation. UK Government

Last updated: 23 October 2021