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  • [New] As major disruptions continue to strain global supply networks, cloud-based technologies will continue to play a central role in building resilient supply chains that keep goods moving without interruption. / Oracle
  • [New] Vaccine doses should be shared quickly, there should be no manufacturing barriers, and financing support should be secured to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines, which will bring global economic recovery. / Mint
  • [New] In recent months, the reopening of many businesses, combined with supply chain disruptions because of shortages of critical items such as semiconductors, has led to price increases across Europe and the United States. / The New York Times
  • [New] Supply chains are complex and rapidly evolving, with retailers and brands sourcing from a wide range of suppliers globally while having to keep up with developing compliance enforcement, new regulations, and other current disruptions. / Next-Gen Supply Chain Platform
  • [New] Even though checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain have so far been relatively lenient, major retailers say they have struggled to cope and might need to shift supply chains from Britain to the EU. / Malaysia Forex
  • [New] Local manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells will improve the hydrogen eco-system supply chain and provide a long-term sustainable solution to supply domestic industry and help Australian key industries meet their net-zero targets. / Hydrogen View
  • [New] Making supply chains resilient by reducing external vulnerabilities and enhancing national security is a common priority for both the US and China. / Macdonald-Laurier Institute
  • [New] Supply chain disruption and food price volatility - particularly in developing countries - have undone decades of gains in global food and nutrition security. / The Hill
  • [New] Climatic disruption has recently highlighted how exposed UK fresh produce supply chains are to just-in-time imports, and high levels of waste are becoming an increasing policy and resource concern, as well as being a drag on productivity. / February 2020
  • [New] U.S. fashion companies' worries about COVID still concentrate on the supply side, including driving up production and sourcing costs and causing shipping delays and supply chain disruptions. / FASH455 Global Apparel & Textile Trade and Sourcing
  • [New] Indigenous small and medium businesses, while benefitting from a broadened retail landscape, will be seeking flexible logistics solutions that create inroads for global warehousing, quick turnaround on deliveries and reduced lag time on order fulfilment. / Vanguard News
  • [New] The United States and the EU will continue to be competitors in the UK market with the EU having advantages of proximity, integrated supply chains, and trade without import duties. / USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
  • [New] The US government on Tuesday strengthened warnings to businesses about the growing risks of having supply-chain and investment-links to China's Xinjiang region, citing forced labour and human rights abuses there, which Beijing has denied. / Newzpick
  • [New] Using government investment to bring more steps of the microelectronics production and assembly process onto US shores could help diversify the semiconductor supply chain and thereby improve resilience and assurance. / Eurasia Review
  • [New] A reliance on advanced chip production in Taiwan is a potential vulnerability for semiconductor supply chains. / Nikkei Asia
  • [New] Recent research has identified ransomware attacks as a real threat to the complex supply chains that are in place to deliver one of the world's biggest sporting events. / 7News
  • [New] The forced shutdown of operations could stagnate the global supply chain of commercial goods and raw materials in the third quarter of 2021 and will slow down Vietnam's economic growth. / China Breaking News | Top Stories | Political | Business | Entertainment | Sport
  • [New] The global COVID-19 pandemic highlights the vulnerability of Canadian manufacturing sectors to disruptions in international supply chains, due to their reliance on foreign suppliers for inputs and foreign sales. / Canada in a Changing Climate
  • [New] Sectors of the U.S. economy would be growing faster if not for input shortages causing supply shortages, which means that consumers, still flush with cash, will continue to shift spending from goods to services. / Mortgage News Daily
  • [New] Denial of access or rationing the supply of critical rare earths to targeted Chinese supply chains, while perhaps a blunt force approach, could quickly grind global chip production to a halt. / Lawfare
  • [New] Given China's relatively weak position across the semiconductor supply chain and its high dependence on chips for national security and economic growth, it will likely opt for an asymmetric approach. / Lawfare
  • [New] The U.S. government on Tuesday strengthened its warnings to businesses about the growing risks of having supply chain and investment links to China's Xinjiang region, citing forced labor and human rights abuses there. / Reuters Event
  • International trade comprises an increasingly complex, interdependent network of global supply chains, such that climate-induced disruptions to production can have economic ripple effects across sectors and geographies over the short and long term. / Canada in a Changing Climate

Last updated: 24 July 2021