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  • [New] Machines can liberate human employees to do more meaningful work, which is why research estimates U.S. productivity will rise 40% by 2035. Fast Company
  • [New] The EU's AI Act promises to mitigate the harmful use of machine intelligence but will require deeper education and evangelization to ensure more transparent and ethical use of AI. Forbes
  • [New] With the advance in geo-spatial and earth observation data combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, new opportunities are rapidly developing to manage risk, opportunity and impact. Chris Skinner's blog
  • [New] CAMERA is helping businesses in the South-West and across the UK to apply leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to opportunities and challenges facing the creative sector. Frazer Consultants
  • [New] With use of deep learning and machine learning algorithms by various firms, the market for predictive analytics is projected to gain traction over coming years. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Many more applications for quantum AI algorithms will emerge, Coles thinks, as researchers use near-term quantum computers more frequently and generate more and more data - all machine learning programs are data-hungry.
  • [New] Digital twins are a key driver of advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0, with a recent report predicting the market for industrial digital twins - which build interactive models of industrial machines for use in training, testing, and operations - will surge by 29% annually through 2030. By Futurist and Virtual Keynote Speaker Matthew Griffin
  • [New] The Graphcore IPU, coupled with VAST's Universal Storage, will help customers achieve unprecedented accelerations for large and complex machine learning models, furthering adoption of AI across the enterprise data center. Graphcore
  • [New] For BlackBerry and its valued customers, such as Leibold & Amann, relying on state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and actually prevent damaging attacks is the right approach to successfully defeat ransomware, reduce risk, and ensure business continuity and growth. Blackberry
  • The market in Australia is expected to witness substantial growth in adoption rates of smart machines over the next five years. UNLV The Rebel Yell
  • The Kroger Co. will offer more customers Kroger Delivery through the addition of new fulfillment centers powered by the Ocado Group, combining vertical integration, machine learning and robotics to provide an affordable and fast fresh food delivery service. Shelby Report
  • Machine learning models using CodeFlare pipelines will have a high percentage of machine learning models transition from experimental status to production status. Forbes
  • In the coming years, any company that is investing in Artificial Intelligence will need to start with YData to assess and improve the quality of existing data, before training a machine learning model. EU-Startups
  • The year 2021 will witness numerous Digital Transformation Trends such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, cloud adoption, and more. business-blogs
  • The LiDAR Systems RTL-450 was integrated onto the Teledyne FLIR SkyRaider Unmanned Aerial System and will be utilized to enhance 3D imagery, especially in applications that deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and classify targets. Executive Gov
  • Rapid integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing in building automation systems to provide secure and smart surveillance services will augment the market growth through 2031. Yahoo Finance
  • Microsoft's DeepMC framework uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict local weather. Communications of the ACM
  • The Graphcore IPU, coupled with VAST's Universal Storage, will help customers achieve unprecedented accelerations for large and complex machine learning models, furthering adoption of AI across the enterprise data centre. Blocks and Files
  • Swedish involvement in the SKAO is opening new opportunities in data storage, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Chalmers
  • A.I. and machine learning will collectively generate up to $2.6 trillion in value by helping to solve problems related to sales and marketing in the coming years. Inc.
  • ESXi servers represent an attractive target for ransomware threat actors because they can attack multiple virtual machines at once, where each of the virtual machines could be running business-critical applications or services. Security Week

Last updated: 24 October 2021