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  • [New] Researchers from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick have been exploring how machine learning can be used to predict the status of three main colorectal cancer molecular pathways and hyper-mutated tumours. ScienceDaily
  • [New] The Global Britain Investment Fund will hand out grants to encourage internationally mobile companies to invest in the UK's critical industries, including life sciences and automotive. The Independent
  • [New] A team of researchers from Harvard University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Tsinghua University have developed a cross-sector, high-resolution model to find the best and most cost-effective way for China's power system to become carbon neutral by 2050. Tech Xplore
  • [New] The United Kingdom is a science and tech superpower - open to ideas, open to investment, working to create opportunities and improve lives. GOV.UK
  • [New] Continued advances in material science and battery storage technology will provide Africa access to cleaner and more affordable renewable energy on a massive scale in the coming decade. Forbes Africa
  • [New] The US National Academies of Sciences, for example, has recommended allocating up to US$ 200 million over the next five years to explore how light-reflecting particles could be injected into the upper atmosphere to prevent further global warming. Club of Rome
  • [New] A nearly $4 million grant awarded to Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences will support an interdisciplinary, multi-university team of researchers as they investigate technologies designed to address labor shortages on mushroom farms.
  • [New] Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada did not immediately respond to questions on whether the Zijin Mining offer to acquire Neo Lithium will be subject to review under the Investment Canada Act. BNN
  • [New] I-FIM will create the core expertise and facilities for the development of machine learning and AI solutions for smart technologies and material science in Singapore and worldwide.
  • [New] The UK is already a top destination for investment from GCC members and a trade agreement is expected to attract even more into world-leading UK industries such as renewable energy, infrastructure, tech and life sciences. GOV.UK
  • [New] BBC Bitesize is a free, online learning resource used by learners across the UK, and to see a Black woman in a positive role, demonstrating and teaching science, will help create necessary representation for so many people. Institution of Civil Engineers
  • [New] A new nuclear medicine manufacturing facility will be built in Australia at Lucas Heights, the home of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. World Nuclear News
  • Delaying the investment package for three years - as policy experts have predicted - would trigger a £11bn loss in private investment by 2027-28, analysis by the Campaign for Science and Engineering found.
  • While commercial satellite data have made substantial inroads into hydrologic research in the past five years, further development will continue to require dialogue and interaction between scientists, federal science and space agencies, and private companies. AGU Journals
  • A more restrained nuclear posture will allow the United States to shift competition with China onto grounds that are more beneficial for the United States, including science and technology. AsianPolyGlotView
  • IOC is leading the UN decade on Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, which presents a great opportunity to foster ambitious climate action. UNESCO
  • Demand for jobs in math, science and technology will continue to surge over the next decade. CNBC
  • Company emissions reduction targets NAB has a range of targets to reduce consumption of resources, including a science-based GHG emissions target to reduce its emissions by 51% by 2025. University of Calgary
  • Company emissions reduction targets IAG has set science based absolute reduction targets for Scope 1 and 2 emissions against a 2018 baseline of 34,198 tonnes: 20% reduction by 2020 (27,441 t CO2e); a 43% reduction by 2025; 71% reduction by 2030; and 95% reduction by 2050. University of Calgary
  • Atlassian commits that 65% of its suppliers by emissions covering purchased goods and services and capital goods will have science-based targets by fiscal year 2025. University of Calgary

Last updated: 25 October 2021