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  • [New] Approximately 10% of deaths are attributed to insufficient PA in the US, and engaging in regular PA can reduce the risk of numerous chronic diseases. / JMIR Research Protocols
  • [New] Richer countries are projected to vaccinate and recover quicker, while poorer countries have not even been able to vaccinate their health workers and most at-risk population and may not achieve pre-covid - 19 levels of growth until 2024. / Mint
  • [New] The rate of highly contagious Delta variant cases in local Covid-19 infections was only 2.5% in the third week of June compared to 33.9% in the second week of July, and health authorities warned it could become a dominant strain within weeks. / Korea JoongAng Daily
  • [New] Health experts in Japan have warned of the Olympics becoming a super-spreader event bringing tens of thousands of athletes, officials and workers during a local state of emergency. / HuffPost
  • [New] 93% of the world's children under the age of 15 years (1.8 billion children) breathe air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk. /
  • [New] The combination of behavioral and medical data integrated in one model through LexisNexis Risk Classifier with Medical Data helps life insurers reveal additional unknown risks and improve their mortality scoring for confidence in their underwriting program. / LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • [New] With vaccination rates lagging and infection rates again climbing, Iran is one of the world's most at-risk countries for severe oxygen shortages, threatening the total collapse of its health system. / Newsweek
  • [New] To address the healthcare needs that arose from and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carbon Health scaled from 800 to 1,600 full-time employees, expanded virtual care to 23 states, and opened more than 80 clinics in 12 states, with plans to expand to 1,500 clinics by 2025. / Business Wire
  • [New] Investment in local health departments' ability to deliver health promotion and disease prevention across the full life course and for the long term is crucial, so that the US population becomes healthier overall, and more resilient to health threats such as pandemics. / Frontiers
  • [New] Aligning the COVID-19 global recovery with action on climate could not only improve public health but create a sustainable economy and protect the environment. / Health Affairs
  • [New] The government funding scheme, which was mentioned in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's Spring Budget, will look to aid start-ups that accelerate deployment of breakthrough technologies, develop new medicines, and support the UK's transition to a net-zero economy. / Information Age
  • [New] How Xishuangbanna protects its elephants and natural ecosystems will also set the tone for China's overall efforts to change its relationship with nature, especially after the emergence of COVID-19 exposed the health risks that arise from habitat destruction. / The Japan Times
  • [New] Health experts, including an influential group of pediatricians, are pushing back on federal guidance that vaccinated Americans can go without masks, warning that the honor system has failed to keep many people safe in the face of the delta variant. / ABC News
  • [New] British officials have repeatedly expressed confidence that the UK's country's vaccine rollout - 68.3% of adults, or just over half of the total population, has received two doses - will keep the threat to public health at bay. / ArabNews
  • [New] Local health expert also warns people to avoid unnecessary travel overseas as Delta variant of virus is rampaging through some countries. / South China Morning Post
  • [New] Canadian Immunization Services, if successful, could go on to serve as a model for other public health functions that have struggled under the current federal approach to public health, including disease surveillance. / CMAJ
  • [New] If diet-related disease prevalence rates were reduced to be comparable to countries such as Canada, says the Rockefeller Foundation, healthcare costs could be reduced by close to $250 billion per year. / EcoWatch
  • [New] Air pollution remains the single biggest environmental threat to health in the UK, shortening tens of thousands of lives each year. / GOV.UK
  • [New] Los Angeles County will reimpose its mask mandate this weekend in the latest sign that public health officials are struggling with an alarming rise in coronavirus cases tied to the highly contagious Delta variant. / Safe communities portugal
  • [New] The Indian government has ordered 660 million vaccine doses for August-December, its largest procurement, local news reports said on Friday, as state authorities and health experts warned that shortages could leave millions vulnerable if coronavirus infections surge again. / Safe communities portugal

Last updated: 23 July 2021