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  • [New] Nielsen's Streaming Platform ratings will still provide a macro view of streaming activity across major subscription and ad-supported streaming services. MartechVibeWhere Technology Powers Marketing
  • [New] Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings will provide the most comprehensive view of streaming activity across connected TV, computer, mobile and tablet. MartechVibeWhere Technology Powers Marketing
  • Nielsen's Streaming Suite will include Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, which measures audiences for streaming ads on connected-TV devices, comparing their performance with other digital buys. Deadline
  • In a deal being announced today, the Samsung Ads division of Samsung Electronics has agreed to license Nielsen's Digital Ad Ratings - and will provide it to advertisers and agencies buying Samsung TV Plus, its free, ad-supported advanced TV advertising inventory. Media Post
  • The next-gen wearable PPM metering will serve as foundational support for Nielsen ONE, a cross-media solution that will deliver a single, deduplicated metric for total media consumption across TV, Digital and Audio. Neilsen
  • Roku will acquire Nielsen's Advanced Video Advertising business, which includes automatic content recognition and dynamic ad insertion technologies, as it seeks to accelerate the launch of an end-to-end DAI solution for TV programmers, per an announcement. Marketing Dive
  • The change to National TV measurement will enable a critical element of Nielsen's Advanced TV strategy, which also includes measurement of Connected TV apps and devices. IAB
  • Starting in fourth-quarter 2022, Nielsen will release parallel cross-media ratings that will deliver metrics at subminute intervals for individual ads and content, providing greater comparability across platforms and ad models, along with expansive campaign reporting. Neilsen
  • Advertisers will have access to Nielsen's Digital Ad Ratings across connected-TV devices starting in the fall of 2017. Variety
  • The next-gen wearable PPM metering will serve as foundational support for Nielsen One, a cross-media solution that will deliver a single, deduplicated metric for total media consumption across television, digital and audio. Research Live
  • The Alzheimer's Association is launching a two-year clinical trial researching lifestyle intervention on protecting brain health and potentially reducing the risk of dementia. MediFit Club
  • Tesla will share its progress on AI software and hardware, including neural nets and a supercomputer. Inc.
  • Neuralink has spent the last four years building brain-machine interface technology that will revolutionize the treatment of brain injuries and neurological disorders. TESLARATI
  • From a start-up that will begin human trials to test if brain implants can cure brain disorders to an airline launching live, online in-flight shopping, find out the most innovative global initiatives happening this month. Mintel
  • The neurotech company Paradromics raised $20 million to further develop and refine its own neural implant, which it claims will grant people with paralysis the ability to move and communicate via brain-computer interface. Futurism
  • Many computer scientists around the world are trying to replicate the human brain by training neural networks to perform image recognition, but it is much easier to apply artificial intelligence to sound. BBC Influencers
  • In a Swedish cohort of people over the age of 50, untreated herpesvirus infection increased the risk of dementia by 1.5 -fold. Frontiers
  • China has a reputation for poaching TSMC engineers, leading to a heightened risk of a brain drain in Taiwan and exposing TSMC's valuable intellectual property (IP). Global Taiwan Institute
  • A decade after scientists discovered that lab rats will rescue a fellow rat in distress, but not a rat they consider an outsider, new UC Berkeley research pinpoints the brain regions that drive rats to prioritize their nearest and dearest in times of crisis. Berkeley News
  • OpenAI warned that its Codex neural network, like the one that powers GitHub's code-completion tool Copilot, is likely to generate source that looks plausible but is incorrect, and its performance will decrease as it grows in size. The Register
  • With the announcement that folic acid will be added to bread-making flour, New Zealand will join over 70 countries that already require folic acid to be added to a food staple to prevent Neural Tube Defects. Science Media Centre

Last updated: 24 October 2021