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  • [New] The green hydrogen is planned to be transported via a pipeline, called AquaDuctus, to Heligoland starting in the year of 2028. / en
  • [New] Because hydrogen loads are flexible and hydrogen will be needed every day for long-distance, heavy transport, the annual average hydrogen load can initially be spread evenly each hour of the year. / Stanford University
  • [New] With the anticipated investment, Australia is likely to become a net exporter of green (emission-free) hydrogen given the number and size of projects either under construction or planned versus the domestic demand level, with the first export volumes available from 2025. / Edison
  • [New] The Finnish technology group Wartsila will provide engine generating sets running on a hydrogen and natural gas blend for Keppel Offshore & Marine's offshore floating testbed in Singapore. / Offshore Energy
  • [New] As of 2022, all other INNIO Jenbacher gas engines will be offered with a Ready for H 2 option, capable of running with up to 25% volume of hydrogen in pipeline gas and being able to be readily converted from natural gas to 100% hydrogen operation. / FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] Japan had high hopes for Australia's endeavour to become a world leader in hydrogen production and exports. / The Guardian
  • [New] All industries will move far faster to renewable energy, such as green hydrogen (made by splitting water with renewable electricity), where CO 2 emissions are properly priced: $ 50/tCO 2 would push green hydrogen into steel - and cement-making, $ 100/t by 2050 into nearly 30% of global emissions. / Rocky Mountain Institute
  • [New] Scaling up investment and increasing domestic hydrogen demand will be critical to trigger local economic development, maintain Canada's leadership and respond to global market signals. / Financial Post
  • [New] Local manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells will improve the hydrogen eco-system supply chain and provide a long-term sustainable solution to supply domestic industry and help Australian key industries meet their net-zero targets. / Hydrogen View
  • [New] Kerry called on governments to invest in clean energy, holding out the prospect of a clean energy boom worth $4 tn a year by 2030, and said new technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage would also be needed. / The Guardian
  • [New] High targets for hydrogen and e-fuels, which go beyond the demand from aviation and shipping in 2030, risk promoting hydrogen and e-fuels for road transport where they are far less efficient than electricity. / CleanTechnica
  • [New] Based on today's requirements, existing plans to decarbonise the transport sector will take nearly the whole energy budget for the UK, which is more than double the proportion of energy currently available to the transport sector. / Inside track
  • [New] Universal Hydrogen signed a letter of intent with Icelandair Group under which Icelandair and Universal Hydrogen will pursue the implementation of green hydrogen as a propellant for Icelandair's domestic aircraft fleet. / Green Car Congress
  • [New] The risks DNV will be investigating include the floating barge, fuel cells and hydrogen production. / Offshore Energy
  • [New] There is a genuine strategic opportunity for the UK to be a global leader in low carbon fuel production, including SAF and renewable hydrogen. / UK Government
  • [New] At the heart of Go-Ahead's strategy will be a wholesale shift in technology from diesel power to zero-carbon modes of transport - including electric and hydrogen power. / Sustainable Bus
  • [New] The green hydrogen trend could enable power producers like Calpine to substitute renewable hydrogen gas for natural gas in power plants. / Triple Pundit
  • Green hydrogen from renewable electricity makes up almost 70% of total hydrogen supply in 2050 with 23% coming from methane reformation with CCUS. / National Grid ESO
  • Across the UK, decommissioning oil and gas rigs, increasing wind power, carbon capture and storage and producing low-carbon hydrogen, could create around 275,000 jobs. / Institute for Public Policy Research
  • If green hydrogen becomes competitive with natural gas by the end of the decade, the oil and gas industry will react by slashing prices, and Australian liquefied natural gas prices will plummet. / Brisbane Times

Last updated: 25 July 2021