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  • The UK is developing plans for a Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP), a nuclear fusion power station whose construction could begin in 2030 if costs of around £2 billion are funded. / New Scientist
  • AN UNLIMITED supply of clean, carbon-free energy - nuclear fusion is a technology that could change the world. / The Economist
  • A nuclear fusion startup backed by billionaire Jeff Bezos will build its first pilot power plant outside of London, potentially accelerating a new way of generating clean energy. / Resilience
  • The dream of power generation through nuclear fusion dates back decades, and has become a much-anticipated means to mitigate climate change and meet the world's energy demands. / Vice
  • Initial results from a UK experiment could help clear a hurdle to achieving commercial power based on nuclear fusion / BBC News
  • While industries are harnessing solar, hydro, and geothermal power to solve the world's energy problems, it's been thought by many for sometime that the eventual source of unlimited clean energy will be nuclear fusion. / Good News Network
  • Two Welsh local authorities that are considering bids to host a nuclear fusion reactor have been warned of concerns about the proposals being put forward by the UK Atomic Energy Authority. / Nation.Cymru
  • Nuclear fusion: A closing remark to nuclear fusion was made with Minister Cingolani stating that green hydrogen will take a number of years to deploy and that the long term energy mix of Italy will most likely include nuclear fusion. / Eversheds Sutherland
  • A pioneering reactor in Britain is gearing up to start pivotal tests of a fuel mix that will eventually power ITER - the world's biggest nuclear-fusion experiment. / Nature Medicine
  • We are likely to see a new generation of nuclear power stations by 2060-2070 based on nuclear fusion, which is a radically different technology from splitting the atom (fission) and involves fusing two different atoms together to release energy, with far less radioactive waste. / Global Change
  • Two UK companies leading efforts to reproduce the way the sun makes energy are both on the way to hitting significant milestones in their attempts to commercialise nuclear fusion by the 2030s. / New Scientist
  • The ExCALIBUR project will establish a national capability in scientific computer software that mirror the real world, accelerating advances in a wide range of important areas that rely on cutting-edge computer technology: from climate prediction to drug research and nuclear fusion. / DatacenterDynamics
  • Fusion energy as a viable commercial energy source is not expected to produce electricity before 2050, over 100 years after initial research efforts began during the 1940s. / ""
  • Agreement has been reached for the UK to participate in Euratom, Europe's nuclear body for research and training, and the world's largest nuclear-fusion experiment Iter, which is under construction in southern France and due to start operation in 2025. / Chemistry World
  • Many expect no viable form of fusion energy to be available until at least 2050. / Futurism
  • Fusion power could replace fossil fuels and conventional nuclear reactors. / Gizmodo
  • Billionaires including Jeff Bezos expect a major step toward commercially viable fusion in 2016. / Fortune
  • The new crop of fusion reactors appearing around the world will continue to play crucial roles in the chase for fusion. / Discover Blog
  • Fusion scientists expect ion beams to be part of the mix of plasma heating techniques. / U.S Department of Energy
  • The long quest in the U.S. to mimic the sun's mighty power by mastering nuclear fusion has added a new goal - the development of compact, affordable fusion reactors that could be widely deployed by utilities in the century's second half. / EE News
  • The world's largest nuclear fusion project began its five-year assembly phase on Tuesday in southern France, with the first ultra-hot plasma expected to be generated in late 2025. / The Guardian

Last updated: 25 July 2021