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Brain Technologies

  • [New] Government of Canada is focusing on Artificial Intelligence technology, which will create a scope for growth in neuromorphic computing over the coming years. / The Manomet Current
  • [New] Galaxy brain for big data - The UK has booted up its most powerful supercomputer, which its creators hope will make the process of preventing, diagnosing and treating disease better, faster and cheaper. / The Guardian
  • [New] Bioinduction Ltd., a company developing an innovative and disruptive patient-centric Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) platform solution designed to treat cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, announces the world's first implantations in patients with Parkinson's disease. / Medical Device News Magazine
  • China has a reputation for poaching TSMC engineers, leading to a heightened risk of a brain drain in Taiwan and exposing TSMC's valuable intellectual property (IP). / Global Taiwan Institute
  • The next generation of artificial intelligence in the form of neuromorphic computing could provide government agencies a more efficient way to collect, process and analyze data to quickly generate insights for decision-making and carry out missions. / ExecutiveBiz
  • A decade after scientists discovered that lab rats will rescue a fellow rat in distress, but not a rat they consider an outsider, new UC Berkeley research pinpoints the brain regions that drive rats to prioritize their nearest and dearest in times of crisis. / Berkeley News
  • Government announced its ambition to reduce the rate of stillbirths, brain injuries, neonatal and maternal deaths by 50% in England by 2030. / House of Commons
  • Maternity Safety: By 2025, halve the rate of stillbirths; neonatal deaths; maternal deaths; brain injuries that occur during or soon after birth. / House of Commons
  • In line with a global brain-drain trend and in search of better opportunities, an increasing number of Tunisian young talents leave their home country every year to acquire new knowledge, start their professional journey and grow their impact in a new society. / sites
  • Educated young Haitians are seeking opportunities abroad, which has affected the pool of talent and contributed to worsening the brain drain. / pdfs
  • The economic crisis of the past decade prompted a brain drain for innovative professionals seeking better financial opportunities outside of Greece. /
  • Health ministers around the world are being urged to sign off on plans to create 6m more nursing jobs by 2030, amid warnings that Covid-19 has exacerbated a global shortage and could spark a brain drain from the developing world. / The Guardian
  • Children may develop cerebral palsy due to a range of risk factors that may cause brain damage or developmental abnormalities. / Hensley Cloninger, P.C.
  • The use of ultrasound could solve a major problem within the world of neural imaging and brain-computer interfaces. / Futurism
  • Brain-computer interface (BCI) and eye-tracking technologies could help individuals with speech impairments communicate in virtual spaces as well as in their day-to-day lives. / Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
  • Drawing in particular from the deep expertise of CDL-Toronto' s scientists and mentors in the fields of health and artificial intelligence, CDL Neuro will accelerate the commercialization of advances in brain science. / Creative Destruction Lab
  • A research project at Pennsylvania State University will use advanced imaging technology to pinpoint the brain areas responsible for regulating the seasonal cycle in turkey hen reproduction. / WATTPoultry
  • The neurotechnology company Neurable has revealed plans for brain-computer interface (BCI) headphones, similar to previous products designed to learn from human movement and predict intent. / Tech Xplore
  • Tackle football should be eliminated for kids until age 13 to reduce the risk of brain injuries. / The Aspen Institute Project Play
  • All Australian children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and have healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. / The Mandarin
  • Because the USA is right next door, Canada is at risk of a brain drain of Climate Change professionals and corporate know how moving to the USA. / IR Pro Communications Inc.

Last updated: 25 July 2021