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  • [New] The value of mobile payments authenticated by biometric data is forecasted to increase substantially globally from 2020 to 2025 to reach over three trillion U.S. dollars. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] The United Kingdom plans to install new technologies (including facial biometrics) to ensure that the majority of all arrivals at the main UK ports will pass through some form of contactless corridor or automated gates for identity and security. European Parliament
  • [New] The second report about biometrics in access control this month comes from Global Industry Analysts and foresees the iris biometrics market reaching a value of $4.3 billion by 2026. Biometric Update |
  • Qualcomm will incorporate Arriver's Computer Vision, Drive Policy and Driver Assistance assets into its Snapdragon Ride ADAS solution.
  • Customers of the Jordan Kuwait Bank will soon be able to make contactless payments with a biometric bank card that enables them to authenticate transactions with their fingerprint. NFCW
  • The confiscation of biometric data by the Taliban in 2021 provides a stark reminder that biometric data use carries a heightened risk for users and administrators alike. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute
  • Ethereum might become the world's DeFi settlement layer, and will cede the world computer vision to the Internet Computer, which was built specifically to realize that vision through many long years of R&D that cannot easily be replicated. RecentlyHeard: Breaking News, Latest News, Coronavirus News
  • In China, authorities used facial recognition technology to monitor and collect biometric data on Uyghur Muslims and other groups deemed to be potential threats. Christianity Today
  • Banks in Pakistan will utilise the digital app on smartphones to record and verify biometrics of the potential account holders from their homes. Gulf News
  • The Banks in Pakistan will make use of the digital App on smart phones capturing and verifying biometrics of the potential account holders from their homes. News World 2021
  • Sensors market is Estimated at $358.8 Million in 2021, While China is Forecast to Reach $294.4 Million by 2026 The Biometric Sensors market in the U.S. is estimated at US$ 358.8 Million in the year 2021. Yahoo Finance
  • The U.S. military should assume that any sensitive data - biometric and biographical data, wiretap data and communications, geolocation data, government records - could potentially fall into enemy hands. The Conversation
  • The Afghan ID, the e-Tazkira, is an electronic identification document that includes biometric data, which increases the privacy risks posed by Taliban access to the National ID system. The Conversation
  • Biometric data collected by aid agencies like UNHCR in Afghanistan is at risk of falling into the hands of the Taliban. Biometric Update |
  • Fear grows as personal data and biometric devices fall into the hands of the Taliban.
  • Revelock technology will be natively integrated into the core Feedzai platform with historical behavioral biometric intelligence available immediately. Financial IT
  • The Berlin Zoo plans to use facial recognition to offer faster entry to season ticket holders, and airports already use e-passport gates to reduce border waiting times for weary travellers. Center for Data Innovation
  • Along with enhanced shopping, 5G could improve card security and response time when using mechanisms like biometrics to authenticate payments. American Banker
  • Revelock technology will be integrated into Feedzai's platform in an effort to enhance its capabilities with a digital identity solution powered by behavioral biometrics. Security Week
  • Revelock technology will be natively integrated into the core Feedzai platform with historical behavioural biometric intelligence available immediately. Fintech Finance
  • Drones and robots equipped with advanced imaging cameras and sensors empowered by deep learning computer vision will take center stage. Frost & Sullivan
  • Future developments in GANs alongside other Deep Learning methods will play an important role in Computer Vision and AR in the period to 2025. GAVS TECHNOLOGIES

Last updated: 24 October 2021