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Digital Transformation

  • [New] National strategies like the Main Directions for Digital Transformation of Banking Service for 2020-2021, and the Concept for Development of Digital Payment Technologies in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2020-2022, have been developed and adopted to increase digital payment usage and fintech development. / Fintech Singapore
  • [New] In a statement Vodafone said that it is going to utilize its knowledge in Big Data, AI and cybersecurity to accelerate the digital transformation of companies in Galicia. / Geospatial World
  • [New] With the immense pressure on companies around the world to innovate faster through software, they have been led to believe that hiring only the most efficient developers will give them a competitive edge to supercharge their digital transformation. / Design Thinking
  • [New] Global spending on digital transformation technology is predicted to reach $6.8 trillion by 2023 (IDC) and Forbes claim that 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. / Itproportal
  • [New] Standing at a new historical starting point, the digital economy will further promote economic transformation and upgrading and the transformation of growth patterns, enhance the resilience of China's economic development, and provide strong momentum for economic and social development. / World Travel Blog : Leading Travel Bloggers : Flights Accommodation
  • [New] Wabion will strengthen Accenture Cloud First to continue to combine the best of Google human-centric innovation with Accenture intelligence for accelerating digital transformations. / Analytics Insight
  • [New] Lagging behind on digital transformation was cited as a risk to growth in the coming year by more than a third, but economic stagnation/recession was more of a concern. / Bim+
  • [New] The 2023-2026 strategy aims to position the CBUAE among the world's best ten central banks and support digital transformation in the financial services sector by deploying the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and big data. / Middle East Business and Financial News
  • [New] By 2022, organisations using multiple go-to-market approaches that leverage digital commerce solutions will outperform non-commerce organisations by 30% in sales growth. / Research
  • [New] A recent survey carried out by McKinsey found that 80% of UK businesses actually plan to hire more people in tech roles that facilitate automation and digital transformation, such as AI and robotics, cloud computing and cyber security. / Information Age
  • [New] 5G technology will help accelerate the digital transformation of Indonesian society and stimulate innovation in businesses across all industries. / Mobile World Live
  • PARTNER FEATURE: As enterprises worldwide look to accelerate digital transformation and take advantage of IoT technologies in the wake of pandemic disruption, operators in Asia are now readying their 5G infrastructure for a surge in demand. / Mobile World Live
  • Enterprises in Hanoi are expected to use e-invoices for tax declaration purposes in late 2021, a move that would help them save costs and accelerate the digital transformation process. / VietNamNet
  • As the world continues to open back up, businesses will invest in tools that support innovation, anywhere operations and employee productivity and trust. / Information Age
  • HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) transformation project is moving into its second phase, which will bring 2-3 m new businesses and individuals into the online filing regime over the next two years. / AccountingWEB
  • The Digital Transformation in Agribusiness program uses a co-investment model and offers grants of up to $200,000 for projects that 'enhance digital skills, drive business efficiencies and create regional jobs across Queensland'. / The Mandarin
  • Riga Airport is ready to facilitate achievement of global climate goals and consider business transformation, developing a medium-term sustainability strategy until 2030 to achieve climate goals. / TravelDailyNews International
  • One in three jobs in Ireland is at risk of being disrupted by the adoption of digital technologies and automation. / Department of Finance
  • Through 2024, organizations need to adapt to a post-COVID world involving permanently higher adoption of remote work and digital touchpoints that will drive a significant acceleration in their business transformation plans. / static-files
  • Digital transformation initiatives embraced by the mining and metals industry over a ten-year period could result in an improvement in safety, with around 1,000 lives saved and 44,000 injuries avoided. / m
  • Finland's Smart Life programme (2019-2022) offers innovation funding and network opportunities, as well as internationalization and export services for the digital transformation of the health and well-being sectors. / UNCTAD
  • Through 2024, businesses will be forced to push their plans for digital business transformation by at least five years to survive in a post-Covid world that involves permanently higher adoption of remote work and digital touchpoints. / NASSCOM Community | The Official Community of Indian IT Industry
  • The U.S. is launching rules to drive digital transformation through open application programming interfaces (APIs), a move that could fuel new digital medical services and applications. /

Last updated: 25 July 2021